Impulsive decisions when high.

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  1. It really pisses me off. If im high and get a thought (sleep, tell this girl shes hot as fuck and you want to have sex with her, go to sleep, complain), i do it. Theres no second guessing it, i just DO. It pisses me off and annoys one of my best friends when we have a sesh together. Im not sure how to fix it, basically i was wondering if anyone else is this way? You get a thought in your head and you HAVE to do it. :mad:
  2. Im like this normally, Its the opposite when i smoke weed, Weird.
  3. Im quite high right now i feel as if a huge giant sitting at a computer desk.
    well i am high right now and i know i shouldnt be typing this even as i type it but im still typing anyways to show u that i really do make impulsive decisions

  4. Lmao bro.....just.....bro. U are gone
  5. Just tell yourself to wait a couple seconds before you make an impulsive decision, if it still sounds logical, go for it.
  6. Weed isn't alcohol. It doesn't make you stupid. Just take a second and think.
  7. its like this with me except with alcohol. I had to fight the strong urge to slap my buddies girlfriends ass when we were all wasted dancing on eachother lol.

    When i get high i impulse buy on the internet. I wake up a few days later with swords and bongs and other random shit comming to me in the mail.

  8. :laughing:
    I wonder, what's the most obscure thing you ever ordered on impulse?

  9. Shit dude... I've got a rice patty hat that chinese people wear, a kill bill katana... a laser projector thats used in raves and a fog machine to go along with it, cyber goggles , airsoft guns.. tons of smoking phara- , a bongman sweater that i barely wear anymore along with sooooo many other random clothes items like a santa hat and a russian snow hat (i live in florida).

    I actually deactivated my credit card cause there were UPS and FEDEX trucks comming to my house every day lol, i was gonna go broke if i kept it up.
  10. I bought a 6 foot bong while high, not a good idea.
  11. I just got drunk and told this girl shes hot..shes not even hot :(

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    This one time this guy was really buggin' out in our circle during a session and screamed "cops". So we all just ran back to our dorms without really thinking. We changed clothes because we thought they would recognize us by what we were wearing and went back to the same spot and sort of just lit up a joint.

    2 minutes into the joint, i said with a serious expression, "we're pretty retarded"
  13. This one time I smoked a blunt, then I decided I would run for President of the United States on an impulse decision. Long story short I won and I declared 4 wars and people said I was the worst human who ever lived.
  14. Some of us wish to be like the way you describe op... Ever realize you analyze the things you say before and after you say them? It's a life of second guessing mang... Enjoy the impulsive carefreeness man.. I wish I could.

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