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Improvisional j

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Troubadour, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. so ive smoked weed a few times before and i dont ever have rolling paper.

    what i normally do is make a roach our of comp paper then use a bit of notebook paper to roll with, then once i need to close it i put syrup or honey on the edge to make it stick.

    they smoke fine and burn even. but does anyone know a better was without buying rolling paper? i have to drive a ways to get it :(
  2. Blank bible or pocket dictionary pages.
  3. what he said but dude don't use notebook paper, that's not good for you..... and also you may not want to use syrup or honey to keep it closed because you are burning sugars that could crystallize in your lungs.... just a little fun fact :rolleyes:
  4. oh ya lol ive used book paper before. but if i use the gum stuff on an envelope is it on rolling paper?
  5. DONT EVER USE ANY OTHER TYPE OF PAPER FOR ROLLING JOINTS!!!!Exept bible paper if its the reallly thin kind...but even i wouldn't do that but I know people that have done it before...dont use anything like that do seal the joints, i dont know any way for u to seal it but dont use syrup man...
  6. dude thats ridiculous ill mail you some papers just PM me
  7. Either this guy is under 18, or he's the ultimate recession survivalist; refusing to even pay a dollar for some papers xD.

  8. order them online
  9. For pitys' sake, a pack of rollies costs 1$, so quit being so lazy/cheap and go out and fucking buy some.
  10. Man I think it's worth the drive next time.
  11. right dude? seriously bro...

  12. they're 2.50 up here now :(
  13. Where's "up here?"

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