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  1. Does anyone ever smoke out of aluminum cans? They are available and very very cheep. Its all I use they get me so ripped and my friend said that its healthier.
  2. It's never safe to smoke out of aluminum cans or tin foil, but I think we've all done t and it won't kill you to use it when your in a fix.

    All you do is get a soda can and dent all sides in, then get a knife or something, poke very little holes in one spot, this is were you will put your herb.
    Then experiment of were it is most comfortable to hold while your mouth is on the part were the soda comes out. Now cut a hole were your index finger or thumb is(whichever is more comfortable)

    Then your done, sprinkle your herb over the holes, keep your finger on the carb( hole under finger)light the herb, hit it hard, exhale, let your finger off the carb and breath it in again( you'll get a huge hit)

    But remember keep the lighter going until you exhale and let off the carb
  3. While I don't condone the use of cans for smoking, based on the OP saying "its all I use", I'm pretty sure that you don't have to explain in detail HOW to smoke with a can...

    And to the OP: dude, get a 10 buck cheapo glass pipe. Way better, and there's no way you can complain about the cost...
  4. your friend said it's healthy lol?
  5. your sarcasm is overwhelming...
  6. aluminium cans ain't as bad as people make out; it takes more than a lighter to actually make it melt and release bad shit, and apparently the paint is non-toxic. however I have felt a slight numbness after testing an aluminium bowl I made to see if it actually did have any effect on me (with no weed/water or anything). then again I think some of the tape I used to put it together was the problem there... so no more tape on my bongs thanks. if you really need a smoking device that bad, you'd probably be better off making a tin foil pipe or using a bean can or something and sealing it with tin foil (just be careful not to breathe in tiny pieces of sharp metal that could rape your throat) lol.

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