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  1. Hey yall, I havent posted in this forum in a looooong time. As of recent, I have been living like shit. I have been getting sick way to often, dealing with anxiety (but who isnt?), eating like shit, and just not thinking positivly. So this is more of a question for the grass city people who are super happy with life. Whats the secret??? Heres a list of things I want to work on.

    -Eating healthier, lots of fruits and vegs, protein
    -Drinking more water
    -Rock climbing more at the local indoor climbing facilty.
    -Actually studying for my college exams and working on reports way before they are due.
    -Being more social, which i am getting better at.

    What else would be some major key improvments in my life? :]
  2. For sure the water thing! Hyrdration baby, it's the best.

    Healthy consumption of herb (vape)
    No over consumption of herb
    Breakfast every day
    Walking, biking, skating are all great ways improving general mood
    Organic food, especially fruits, they're sooo tasty
    Tea is your friend, all day, everyday, once a day, whenever!
    Plants improve the air in your house (especially bonsais) They look nice, too.
    Get some adventure! Go and get lost in the woods. haha, no.. Be careful, but, get out there!
    Get to bed early and rise early but get plenty of sleep always


  3. Happiness comes in small doses, with long stretches of BS in between.Enjoy em, relish em, remember em.When in one of the shitty stretches be assured it will end.

    I was once sad because I had no shoes, until I met a man that had no feet, so since he didn't need em I took his shoes.....:D
  4. Smoke weed, it motivates me at least but not in excess of course. As said, breakfast really help, even if it's just your favorite cereal. Try making food yourself at home, buy a cookbook and some ingredients. That would be a good focusing hobby and a way to regulate your meals, most often it's cheaper too. As for more water, just substitute out water for whatever else it is you're drinking. Working out helps me feel healthy all around, but if you work out a lot you will need good meals. Also as said before plants always help, not sure why but they seem to. Try and get around 8 hours of sleep every night as well, this is what I shoot for, doesn't always happen but I try and it helps. Besides that just keep a positive state of mind, the only one who can really know how to help you is you. We can provide suggestions but I think you should just sit down with a bowl of your finest one day and figure out some plans and make some goals and stick to them.
  5. this & this :wave:
    (In conjunction with an organic diet, positive music, and positive people surrounding you, then you have all you need brotha!)
    It is better to live on the roof... than to live in a house full of confusion...

    P.S. - Try eliminating gluten & fluoride from your diet, in conjunction with Hemp protein, and tell me if you don't notice a REMARKABLE difference!!!!
  6. Realize that life isn't perfect, and attempting to make it perfect will surely lead to disappointment. Learn to enjoy all the small things in life, happiness is what you make it, your perception of life decides your happiness.

    Sounds super corny, but when you really understand it, it makes perfect sense.
  7. These are all excellent things to try and do to improve your life, but I'm one of those kinds of guys who likes to look for the root cause of problems here. I know, I'm weird like that... :D

    I guess my question to address root cause is what exactly is STOPPING you from doing any of these things now? Not that I'm trying to blame weed, but sometimes smoking too much can put you in a "funk" (my highly technical term, I know) where you have little or no motivation.

    You're off to an excellent start to try and improve your well-being. Just take a few moments and ask yourself what might stop you from achieving all of these goals, as you might need to address a root-cause problem first.
  8. I PM'd you some recommendations that GC won't let me post here lol :rolleyes:
  9. What gets my through my every day is something called PMA. it stands for positive mental attitude and honestly has changed my life. When it comes to every decision you just got to remind yourself to make the positive choice no matter what it is. Basically just try and make the best of every single situation you get yourself in.

    This is gonna be my first tattoo too :)

    good luck op!

    "I PM'd you some recommendations that GC won't let me post here lol"- oohhh, what kinda recommendations! i wanna know secrets! :)
  10. all good things (Kevin Nealon voice)

    stretching every morning is a good thing.

    10 minuts of yoga at lunch and a light meal would be good for people who get that midday tired thing at work.
  11. Masturbate every day. The only self improvement is self destruction
  12. This is what I'm coming to realize certainly

    good thread guys

    the self is interesting i the way it works with balance

    everybodys going to suffer and the only way not to is to not desire or basically be empty

    and between our ages already and modern day lifestyles having no desires and emptiness will only get you so far and you can only maintain that state for so long

    best thing to do is what makes you happy and feel good
  13. It is healthy to dream, but accept reality for what it is, and understand that you may not be able to change it.
  14. The secret to happiness is...
    Wake up and fight for it.


  15. haha in my earlier thoughts this is what I concluded them with...peace

    to me the problem with it is theres too much negativity today and people without always realizing it search for problems and want there to be its something thats hard to get away from

    I feel like when im in a peaceful state each negative thing stands out a little more and its easier to ignore but once it actual breaks my peace then i've lost what I had as well and it takes time to get back

  16. Hey now, those are fightin' words.


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