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Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by GM-2X, Nov 3, 2009.

  1. I went through a very long period of smoking the green all day. I would be happier, more creative, and more aware. Whenever sober I wouldn't know how to integrate the knowledge and wisdom in my experiences to everyday life.

    Just recently this has changed. I've been on a 3 week break (oral surgery) and I made some sort of breakthrough of full contentment and application of knowledge. The ability to express myself freely and to the full intent of my person. It has been powerful and liberating.

    My advice to anyone is not to live a double life in any way with the herb. It wasn't that I was an escapist, I just opened doors and found my self closing them when I was sober beyond my control. To have true serenity within you have to meld your sober life with your experiences of altered consciousness. I realized this long before being able to integrate it. And though the concept was so simple I realize it took an examination of my inner self before it could happen. I had to bring about a full inner peace and remove all denial from my being. I had to get in touch with subconscious ideals that were a part of my being without my realization. This is the happiness I now pass through my being. It is a full happiness. One that, because I was happy before, I didn't know I was incomplete without.

    Can't wait to spark a bowl tommorrow. Peace god.
  2. Sounds like you just got used to perceiving reality stoned , but then got back into perceiving reality while sober , taking the knowledge you have gained while constantly blazed and facilitating it into your sober life.
    A similar thing happened to me. Well , in the sense that Herb has changed the way I see things.
  3. Wow this was actually very enlightening.I find myself solving all kinds of problems and coming up with simple but extremely accurate explanations of why things happen a certain way.And also ideas transcend so easily from problematic to solution.

    All this while I'm under the influence of an evil,illegal and horrible "drug".

    However while I am sober I just go back to being my normal self which isn't very creative or happy or anything good really.

    If I can find a way to be my "altered" self all the time,I would truly be another person,better in every way.
  4. Good for you, OP.

    For me, if I take a break from smoking, I end up creating all sorts of problems because I'm so sober.

    When I'm sober, I feel really 'out of control' and do and say things that I'm going to regret later. It's like, my action and words just come out unfiltered.

    So I have to go back to smoking weed to solve all the mess I created.
  5. Yo man, but its like this. The herb has things to teach us. Taking them back to the sober life is how we continue to grow. All it takes is an analysis of our day, and how we would have reacted if stoned (or sober) to understand the failings in our perspective or logic. We control our mental stamina and happiness, it's all perspective.

    In every situation there are multiple roads we can take. Striving for perfection in all situations should be the goal of every human. Now, while sparked I found it easier to reach towards perfection thus my life would take different paths that would lead to better things. Once you realize how you do that stoned, there's no reason you can't take that thought process, energy, and vibes back to your sober life.

    And from there the lessons get more difficult to describe with words (as true lessons of value should be).
  6. Perspective is exactly what connects me to both "worlds"

    When sober sometimes I think WWIDH? Meaning What Would I Do High? Sometimes in either situation you have to sit back to process and analyze in order to have control of your mind. Perspective opens doors.

    GM-2X I understand, well said.
  7. I would love to find a balance between my two halves, which is depressing now that I think about it. Classifying my life simply in terms of sobriety is so 2-dimensional. I'd like more than anything to be able to apply what I've learned over the years experimenting with different mind altering drugs to somehow improve my life and possibly the lives around me. The problem with being sober is that all of a sudden the things I used to enjoy become incredibly dull or meaningless. A beautiful sunset no longer seems beautiful, colors begin to fade, music loses it's magic, and the wastelands we call cities begin to take hold of me mentally. As you can see I've still got a long way to go.
  8. The reason we sometimes have difficulty dealing with sober life is because we begin to depend on the superior senses and faster thought proccesses we gain while high.

    When an unexpected situation arises while High you will most often find that you are able to simply handle the situation. You will more easily be able to process the situation and quickly offer a solution. You will see that a high individual's thoughts "go with the flow" of the Universe and therefore can handle anything the river of life brings their way.

    Not only this but being High also reveals the intentions of others. You have almost a sixth sense to tell wether another person is honest or wether they have bad intentions. This is also what causes the paranoia some people suffer from.

    The question is how do we obtain these abilities while sober?

    While I have not been able to 100% retain all my "High" abilities I have begun to be able to reserve a small amount.

    The trick is to be truly present. Your whole mind must be present in every situation. It must be present in every sense you have you must be able to feel you entire body speaking to you sending you information from the world around you at such an astonishing rate.

    You have to focus and take this information and sort it out with a new perspective. You have to use the part of your "mind" that usually only talks to you when you are high.

  9. my god....this is exactly what i've been searching for. Thank you.

    I've been searching for a meaning for these "talents" i get when Im high and you just hit it on the nail.
  10. I think I experienced the same exact thing just recently. I feel enlightened like I discovered a truth and that I can use it to improve my life and ultimately make me a happier person. Although, it makes me feel special, I learned very quickly that many people already had experienced this and realized that I was steps behind other people all this time.

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