Imprisoned By The Israeli Government For Refusing To Serve In The Military

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    Included below is Nathan's Refusal Declaration and a petition to the Israeli Minister of Defense calling for the immediate and unconditional release of Nathan Blanc.
    If you believe in his right to not be forced to serve in the Israeli Military and liberty i would ask you to take the time to read it.


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    As fucked up some people may think this is, it's life. Other nations do it as well, The Koreas, Iran, Norway, Switzerland, Thailand to name a few. Some nations have even voted to end it.
    This is true, but without pressure nothing changes.
    Nathan seems like a clever young chap and should imo be supported in his bid to bring about change.
    Italy as well. Any nation that adopts this policy will always have those who oppose it. Even in America during the draft for that bullshit war many opposed it, as they should.
    Fuck all these wars.
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    I'm not saying this shouldn't change, that's why I added the part about some countries voting to end it. It's not a horrible thing, but it can be depending on the countries situation at war.
    No doubt. I don't like war either, but if I knew I wouldn't be going to kill people, i would most definitely enlist for knowledge and training purposes.
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    The Italians abolished forced conscription in 2004.
    There are a lot of countries with mandatory military service but some do not fully enforce same and have numerous exemptions and in some cases an individual can refuse to serve for conscientous reasons.
  7. Conscription, a fancy word for slavery, is abhorrent no matter what the situation is.
    He is 19 years old.  He should be allowed to be a productive adult, not be forced at gunpoint to be a slave.
    Any government that is willing to sacrifice it's youth for personal gain is garbage, and the people who support conscription are worthless. (and are usually the ones that don't have to sign up)
  8. Huh, I didn't know Italy abolished it and funny enough I was living in Italy back in 2004. Good for you Italy.
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    At least during the draft we stilled allowed for conscientious objection. Not allowing it is a direct infringement of religious freedom and should be considered a war crime. I'm not even exaggerating, not allowing for conscientious objection is a criminal violation of everyone's inherent freedom regardless of where you're at and I'm abhorred that the UN hasn't addressed this. It's all about money. Fucking greedy bastard scum pillaging via the lives of others in order to keep their sacks of gold.
  10. Conscription in of itself is a criminal violation of the 13th amendment.
    Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.
  11. Where's J-DILLA  Dima? I'm sure they can justify this for us  :rolleyes:
  12. JDILLA - It isn't just Israel. Stop targeting them for everything other countries do also.

    Dima - They shouldn't be pussies and enlist. They are cowards like the terrorists.

    Just a thought on how it would play out.
  13. Smokinp you dissapoint me man.. Is this all you could find ?

    If i can do 3 years, this man can so as well. He doesnt have to go in a combat course, he can do the dishes or sit in an office all day.. Or any of the hundred jobs they can find him.
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    Maybe it's about serving a machine you don't agree with? I don't see many vegetarians working at McDonalds.. But I do agree on this not being as big of a deal. Many countries deal with conscription, it isn't just limited to Israel.

    But look on the bright side Dima, Israel and Iran both have it. You guys have something in common after all!  :D
  15. If this article was about a guy in South Korea refusing to serve his mandatory service, no one would have bothered to raise a finger.
    /double standards
    Lmfao, that's just great.
  17. This was in reference to every country on Earth, including South Korea, in case anyone was confused.
  18. Twisted just Nostradamus'd your ass.
    Given my response was pretty logical and the fact that many of you guys simply enjoy trolling, I'm not surprised. :laughing:
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    Logical? Do you have proof of that assertion?
    Edit: About no one posting if it was a south korean

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