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Discussion in 'General' started by Xavior, Sep 8, 2003.

  1. Alright I really need some re-assurance here. Just recently I tried both cocaine and special k within a day of eachother and a day after that tried PCP.... ive also smoked about 8 ounces of weed over the past couple months...

    ever since then (only a few days) i havent really gotten an erection once...i usually can get one just by thinking about it but lately i havet.

    im scared shitless to the point that ive quit everything. has anyone else experienced this sort of thing? and does anyone know if all that stuff about marijuana making you impotent is really true?

    ill kill myself if i fucked up my sex life because of weed.

  2. Alright im not really sure bout this but it's most likely not weed related. Hell if anything bud should make ur lil freind happier than normal... dunno man. when i used to do speed or ritalin or really any amphetamine (i stay away from that shit now) i'd find it harder to get it up n keep it up the following morning...well good luck buddy, n if all else fails...viagra!
  3. you need to roll down to a club and put your little friend to the test. I've never heard of weed causing impotence before tho.
  4. yeah, i don't think it is the herb, now coke, special k, and pcp i have no experience with. i am not sure what they can do to your sex drive.
  5. lol - well ive read some articlesabout coke making you perform poorly in sex, it enhances your pleasure and fantasy, but in actuality you arent doin to good. heh - im playing on the hope that thats all it is, this really hasnt happened to me before, in fact it would normally just be an annoyance because it was so easy to get one.

    ahh, well - time will tell.

    anothr - yeh, weed used to turn me on...not that i find weed sexy, but id get those 'urges' more often when smoking it.

    im suprised u havent heard of weed causing impotence wang, or do you mean you dont know anyone like that? supposedly weed replaces certain sexual chemicals in your brain with 'weed chemicals' and thus u have less 'abilities'.

  6. weed fuckin gives me erections not takes them away haha
  7. it ain't the weed, coke and ketamine might do that though
  8. if i talk to my doctor about this, he has to keep quiet right? cause that aside, my nose has been pretty bloody ever since i did the coke and k, not bleeding, but when i blow my nose i get a wqhole array of colors.

    im worried that if i go and tell them i did coke theyll put me on some type of coke-recovery program or something. i have med. insurance but its still under my parents name, so theyll see a bill for 'Cocaine Recovery' and kick my ass.

    im thinking it must have been the combination of all those drugs within only a couple days of eachother, i fucked my shit up :(


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