'Impossible Whopper'.......???

Discussion in 'General' started by Kronik352, Aug 14, 2019.

  1. Let us know. :)
  2. Oh I'm waiting to here others before my money is spent on it....lol.

    I advised my dad not to get the Taco that Burger King started....he didn't listen and got it....took 2 bites and threw it away
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  3. I've heard it's good but i'm not a vegan so i'm not interested. it's cooked on the same burners as the normal burgers so it's not even really vegan, which i think is hilarious.
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    Ppl still eat at Burger King? Fast food is part of America’s couture so I think a lot of ppl don’t think about how bad it is for ya but, it’s new to other countries look at the effects their seeing on ppls health in the Middle East.
  5. Really, American fast food "took over"? So they marched into every home and forcefully plied the citizenry with big macs? Or is it just like here where it's cheap and easily available and they're just constrewing it as da ebil capitalist american pigdogs looking to extend their influence?
  6. More than likely......both
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  8. I haven't tried it yet. I heard it was loaded with sodium. McDonalds had something similar a few years ago that I thought wasn't bad, but you can't beat the real thing.
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  9. That makes sense....gotta have something in there that tastes good
  10. I had one the other day, I'm not a vegetarian for clarification.

    It's ok, if you just eat the "meat" by itself it's noticably NOT a hamburger but with a bun and toppings and shit it's passable as a burger and I probably wouldn't notice if I wasn't aware of what I was eating.

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  11. Thank you for that!!!!!:love-m3j:
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