"Impossible To Have What Others May Not"

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    Bullshit, and you know why? Because we all have the same thing. We all have our consciousness. You are what you want, so we all must have (or are able to have) what we want.

    So you don't have what you want and you aren't sure why. Well, you want in on a little secret? You know why. You know what you need to do in order to be what you want. You don't 'have' it, you are it. You gotta be that badass that impresses all the ladies. How the hell else are you gonna get them? Sure, you could say you "have" them in a sense, but you don't have them as much as you are them. You are a manifestation of their desires, and they are the same to you.

    It'll be just like the movies, except it won't be anything like you could picture it to be, it'll be even better. Well, if you want it to be better that is.

    I'm not trying to use better as a label, but more so as like an indication towards whatever your particular preferences may be.

    It's all about you man, but it works out for the best of everyones' interest(s). It's perfect.

    Edit: Who's that bhagavas guy or something of the sort? He has that quote about everyone must have what they want

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