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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by telluride toker, Jan 27, 2004.

  1. Ok, I know everybody's got one or two. You know, one of those times that just defies all logic and rationality? Here's one of mine to get you started.

    Once I was camping with my friend up bear creek. He had brought his bong and I had brought some weed. Now, this was incredible weed, probably the best of my life, so I'm really careful with it. So the first night we're up there we pack a bowl in the bong, go over to this small cliff-like thing, and proceed to light up. This is probably 10 at night, and there's almost no moon, so it's really dark. My friend takes greens, fills the chamber with smoke, pulls the slide... and instantly fumbles it off the cliff and into the darkness. "Shit! I dropped the slide!" he says, and before I have a chance to speak, he JUMPS off the cliff. I hear him land a second later, followed by a bunch of rocks clattering down a slope. "Are you ok?" I ask. No answer. Immediately I get really scared and start thinking he's hurt. A second later I hear a voice: "I FOUND THE SLIDE!!!" Not only was he not hurt, but he had found the slide in the darkness, off a cliff, in some bushes, unbroken, with the weed still in it!
    Needless to say, we were a lot more careful after that.
  2. I can't believe he jumped off the cliff man,WOW. Thats someone who loved his bong more than life itself, no matter what it takes, you can't lose or break the bong. Which I don't blame him man, I think that if you have a bong, take good care of it. For some reason it just seems like everyone that i know that has lost or broke their bong has really bad luck now...I don't believe in too many superstisions, but this one is a believer!!!!
  3. me n a couple friends saw this 10 1/2 ft tall cowboy one time.

    lol there we were sitting in jack in the box waiting for our order stoned off r ass n this 10 1/2 ft cowboy strides in with cowboy hat, boots n all.

    we all walked out n tried to not like him straight in the face since he looked like that one politcal dude .. u kno the one that looks like a snake sorta lol.

    neway we all had a good laugh. im sure theres more just cant think of em right now.
  4. last halloween it was me, my 2 good mates and 3 other guys im cool with. we all smoke a couple bowls of really good shit and then head to the corner store to get some munchies.

    one of the guys lifted a coke, which had one of those instant win offers on it. he unscrewed it outside and found it had a free 20 oz-er on it. we walked into the store and got the free coke. while drinkin it, i discovered that it also had an instant win cap. at this point were freakin out. i thought we were in a movie or some shit. anyways, we go back into the store and end up getting 4 more cokes with instant win caps on them! we won 5 fuckin cokes!! even got the first one for free.

    after we drank em all we headed inside again and asked if the clerk wanted to take a picture of us to hang on the wall...

  5. That is some crazy shit, you ever hear of the term vertigo?
  6. man,

    turn up the trance and drive as fast as you can and your car will start to fly off of the road and not only through space but time as well

    sufing is like an out of body experience

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