Impossible bong cleaning

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  1. I've tried everything and can't get get my bong clean. Rubbing alcohol and salt, boiling water, simple green... After soaking it for hours in alcohol and making no progress I went out and bought some simple green, I left it in the bong for about 12 hours and it did nothing. I got a screw driver and scraped some resin out and it's so compressed that it's rock hard and just breaks off in flakes. 

    The bong is a SYN fixed dome perc, so it's impossible to get into some areas with the screw driver so I can't even scrape out the resin like I did in the downstem. I'm thinking about putting the whole bong in a stock pot and boiling it for a while to see if that will help. Any other advice will be greatly appreciated.

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    This is why you clean your bong every day or two and don't let it get to this point. 
  3. I understand that not letting it get dirty in the first place would work as well, but that doesn't help me right now. Real advice would be great.
  4. I'd soak it for longer than 12 hours in the simple green, try a couple days..may need to do several times.  Can also try any degreaser such as Zep.
    Never heard of it not working on resin, I've cleaned pipes, bowls, etc. that were caked from years of use and no cleaning.  Hard water spots are more difficult to get rid of imo.
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    It was only left for a few weeks so I don't know why it's so stubborn. I took the pieces I broke off and put them into a small amount of rubbing alcohol and another piece in some simple green. I'm going to leave them and see how long it takes to break down, then I'll at least have an idea of how long it will need to soak and which will work better. Boiling it won't help?

    It's my only bong so I'd rather not leave it soaking for a couple days, but I could borrow one for a while if that's what I need to do.
  6. I would suggest against boiling, extreme temperature fluctuations are only going to weaken the glass.
  7. have you thought of warming up the simple green? i had a terribly gunked up slide that would never get 100% clean in anything but warm/hot sg....just an idea.
  8. Keep washing it everyday, eventually it will get cleaner and cleaner, and stop scraping at it with a screwdriver.  When you rub the glass with something like that you are scratching the glass, those scratches will collect tar and resin which will adhere better to those just makes cleaning more problematic later.
    If it's pyrex (duran schott) glass, it will be fine if you put boiling water in it, if it's low grade glass, it might shatter.
    @[member="marley"], hard water spots are a PITA so I've started rinsing with distilled water.  You need an acidic cleaner for hard water stains, but they are very hard to get rid of.  Perhaps try barkeepers friend, it's a powdered cleaner.  I work in a lab and can get stronger stuff, I've always wanted to try a mix of HCl and Nitric acid, we use this to clean glass coverslips for imaging, but I can't really bring my bong to work and i'm not trying to bring strong acids home (scared the bottle will break in my bag since it has to be kept in glass).
  9. Ya I try and rinse out my glass with r/o, and only use r/o water to fill my pieces.  I've got really hard water where I live so had to learn the hard way.  I do buy pieces fairly frequent (used) and they often have hard water stains.  Most of my recent frustrations are from those experiences.
    I'll check out barkeepers friend, thanks for the suggestion.
  10. lol if nothing has worked yet try CRL it might work and should be safe since you can clean coffe pots with it.
  11. Nail polish remover with salt n shake that Bitch up then soap an water to clean out the nail polish

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    I recently cleaned two bongs as you described. Boiling it fucked it up. You weakened your glass and cooked that shit on.

    Heating simple green by boiling water and putting simple green inside a bowl that is heat resistant, inside the boiling water is what works best.

    At the point youre at, id say acetone may work, but after boiling who knows. Boiling glass is a friggin terrible idea.i learned the hard way once as well.....

    I cleaned a piece the other day that hadnt been cleaned in 12 years. It had so much shit caked on it the guy threw it away. It was one inch around the entire inside. I used simple green and soaked it heated and that shit that was rock hard came right off.

    If you resort to acetone, which i dont recommend at all, dont do it inside, within 20 feet of any flame and for gods sake, and yours, dont pour it down a will eat your sink pipes. If you cant scrape that shit off with a screwdriver, i dont know what to tell you. I heat simple green the way one would heat a baby bottle and those pieces came so clean the friend took them on the airplane and they went with him through customs with no problems, since they looked and smelled new.
  13. One of my buddys only use the  bug cleaner for windshilds, like the stuff that squirts from windshild wipers. Just soak it for about 24 hours, then empty it. Run some hot water and salt, or rubbing alcohol and salt, and shake it while its in there, you will need to cover the downstem hole, and the top hole and shake it very well.
  14. I owe this blade a fuckton for showing me this method of heating up simple green. if anyone has a disc diffused slide, you know how much of a dick they can be to clean, especially cleaning it 100% spotless. after following the method, it came out like I hadn't seen it since I first bought it. it works. thanks again pokeskot247!!
  15. Thanks for the kind words bro. Wish i could clean everyones piece for them just once. But if i did, id have to buy a stake in simple green cuz id make those bastards a shit ton of money haha
  16. Get stronger rubbing alcohol (higher %) and salt with q tips. And keep shaking it up every 15 -30 minutes for however longSent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
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    Thanks for all the tips. I've continued soaking it in simple green at night and rubbing alcohol with salt after using it. Everything is clean except the base, as in the floor of the bong. I'll try some CLR tonight and then leave it to soak in simple green again. I doubt windshield cleaner would help considering you could get dead bugs off a windshield with warm water, I doubt it would be stronger than these other chemicals I'm trying. I use 99% rubbing alcohol and a toothbrush to reach as far as I can, so Q tips aren't going to help and I can't get any stronger alcohol. 

    Also, my simple green is the "pro 3" formula, not the regular. Maybe this stuff is no good for bongs, I'm pretty sure the only difference is added germicidal chemicals so I can't see that being a problem but it doesn't seem to be doing any better than alcohol. If it is a problem I'd gladly go buy the regular formula but I don't want to waste my money on another jug of cleaner I don't need.

    It's perfectly spotless excpet the base, it's annoying. 
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    I had an ashcatcher that was a gift for me.... but it sat for a year at a buddy's house. His roommate ended up using it, then didn't clean it afterwards. The water, resin, ash all seemed to have melded with the glass. Nothing touched it.

    Until I left it soak, longer than 12 hours in Simple Green. Gave it about 3 days actually... then run HOT water thru the piece. Wear gloves, if you have to.

    It will come clean.

    P.S. Do not use the other Simple Green products. The garden-variety, plain-jane stuff is the safe stuff and what works.
  19. have you tried PBW (powdered brewery wash)?  it's made to clean home brew equipment and i've heard it works great on glass, just an idea
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    It's been sitting in CLR for only a few minutes and it's already eating away at it. Started bubbling right away then I shook it after a little while and pieces started coming off.

    Edit: CLR did it no problem, can't believe how well it worked. It was all broken apart and floating around after about 5 minutes then I gave it a good shake, rinsed it out, and gave it an alcohol and salt wash and now it's good as new. Thanks for all the help.

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