Discussion in 'General' started by whereami, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. It's impossible for something to be impossible.

    Sorry, I'm really high right now, I thought of this and it's fucking me up at the moment. Is it a paradox?
  2. No...something can be impossible meaning unable to do. So basically it's possible to be impossible.
  3. Please, you got that off a philosoraptor meme.


  4. I didn't remember that at the time, that could have been in my sub-conscious but it just came to me randomly.
  5. does it matter where it came from?

    to me, it's just language
  6. Doesn't make sense. If its impossible for something to be impossible then that's impossible since it's impossible for something to be impossible

  7. If it doesn't matter where it came from you wouldn't have posted about the philosoraptor.
  8. that cat wouldn't have.. I didn't. :smoke:
  9. Sorry D: I didn't even read the usernames, lmao, pretty high.

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