importing roors from germany

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  1. long story short my whole family is 100% german, my bro is leaving to germany on vacation tomorrow, and i heard roor's are german made, i was wonderign what the difference betwee na german roor and an american roor is, and what if he buys a roor over i ngermany and he trys to bring it back to the this possible what will happen if he gets caught is it illegal if it hasnt been used before, any answers along this subject would be helpful.thanx.
  2. If it's 100% clean it's technically legal.

    And, German Roors are way higher quality than the US ones.
  3. so does that mean, any type of roor is better constructed? and is worth more money? is it cheaper in germany? sorry i have a ph(x) and i have no clue about roors, all i know is my local headshop tryed selling me a roor with ice catcher for 350 and that was it so i could imagine with percs, although all i want is a normal roor with an ice catcher and it not be a beaker style. i jsut dont wanna be spending 300$+
  4. My US roor was an 18" straight tube with ice pinches and it ran me ~200-250. With the a/c I bought with it, put it to ~350

    Kustoms can run even more too.
  5. [​IMG]
    i guess all im looking for is a thick glass, the thicker the better, straight tube, and idk what all the different color labels means, if you could tell me that would be awsome, but i kinda want one like this, i already got a phx trinity so its a beaker and i like it but i like the straight tube...were is the best place to find them and how much, if i dont go to germany?

  6. All EDIT's stock are german Roor's

    Roor Bongs - Glass Water Bongs by Roor

    Label color doesn't mean anything other than different models

    Black 5mm
  7. i thought that the label colors correspond to the glass thickness? i could be wrong though
  8. can they ship to the USA?

    and how do you tell if a roor is german or us made?

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