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  1. I live in Bangkok Thighland, ready to start growing my own meds because quality and availability here is awful.  I found one place here with a small grow tent for sale.  I think its 3X3X5, they want almost $300 and its probably a cheap Chinese tent.  I can order a Gorilla tent and have it shipped here for an extra $150 plus probably 20% import duties....  so my question is do I spend $300 for low quality or spend $500 for quality?
    Any input or suggestions are welcome.
    Oh, before someone suggests it...  No home depot here, all my power tools are back in Los Angeles, I ride a motorcycle, so building something is next to impossible. 

  2. Hello DDP and good luck with your grow. the answer to your question is 'it depends'. it depends on how much space u have for a tent; how many and how large are the plants u plan to grow. a 3x3x5ft tent is plenty large enough to grow 3 or 4 nice size plants. u will have to choose strains that dont get too tall at maturity as well.
    the Gorilla tent is well regaurded as a quality tent. i use a yeild lab myself. i have never used the gorilla but my advice would be to get the biggest tent u can afford or reasonablly have room for. good luck :smoke:
  3. Thank you for your reply. I didn't thing a 3x3 was big enough for that. My main concern was the height. I've been thinking on my ride in to work I'd just get the smaller local tent and do a grow or two. Worst case I buy a bigger tent for blooming and use small tent for mother/clones.Again, thank you sir.Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  4. Budget is your only real constraint. If you can afford a better tent, then by all means buy one. I recently bought the Hydrohut Silver Edition 2x4. Out of the box it is a great looking tent. Plus it's actually larger than the 2x4 dimensions listed. I love that. The tent has ports everywhere, tons of them. The frame is stronger than normal because it snap-locks in place. The material (canvas) is very hearty and should last a good long while. I have utilized several secret jardine tents in the past and have had a few different problems. I like them, but they can be somewhat problematic. The silver edition light hanging bars are the first that I've owned where the bars fit nicely, correctly. If you live in a country that imposes extra monies, then get what you "really want" the first time if you can afford.
  5. So 4x4 gorilla tent is about $400, shipping to Thailand is $700! I'm trying a company called They are shipping it for about $200. I want to buy a nice carbon filter. But damn shipping again costs more than the part! Hope to have tent next week, will have to think about the filter.

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  6. Hey, I'm in Bangkok to I brought in panda plastic last year but started to rip this year. So I decided to build a wood grow box. Cheap wood about 200baht 2x1.5m. White paint 2 small buckets 110baht each. My area is 1.2x1.5x1.2. Works good last longer but need to put intake air into it.
  7. I sure wouldn't promote a tent that wasn't the size listed . Size does matter .

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