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Imported LA Confidential (from cali lol)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by marcog357, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. Here's my stash from my last harvest. Everyday its shrinking less and less. Great stuff, very potent.

  2. niceeee hows it smoke / taste
  3. M357 - nice looking stuff. In the jars the herb has a dark tone and the up-close shot looks vibrant. Did you grow inside or out? I ordered some seeds of LaC and l'm looking forward to growing it outside. You are the first that I have seen on GC that has grown this strain - Snoop's favorite I heard. Why did you mentioned "imported" in your title - did you receive a cutting from California? Nice job, slick.
  4. Why yes I did get this cutting from California. My good friend runs a dispensary down there and i managed to get a few clippings and bring it back up here. hehe This is all indoor, which is what I do for all my grows. I will try an outdoor one day again but the first one I did went horribly wrong and well, I'm going to wait a bit until the PTSD wears down from that experience (bad bad bad mold). Anyways I had no idea its Snoops favorite. And rightly so because its a super potent bud, probably the one of the only few strains that would get that OG stoned. If yours turn out right ( i dont trust stuff you get online) it will grow tall and stretch with a lot of popcorn stuff showing when first flowering. Get on top of them with some bud enhancer to grow those puppies big and dense so you dont end up with just shake. You'll LOVE the smell they produce, smells like really sweet candy. Smoke is hard to explain, but doesn't taste bad. Definitely hits you in your booboo (Tommy Chong). Its more of a head high than body.

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