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Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by angel99, Aug 21, 2017.

  1. So recently I was pulled over for not having my headlights on in Hammond, Indiana. As the cop comes to my door he asks have I been smoking marijuana cause my car smells like it. I stated no I haven't. But wholetime I have an 8th on me, and its some dank man. so I drop it and my girl manages to put majority of it into her shoe. cop then comes back saying step out. he cuffs me and puts me in his car and both officers are searching real hard for it. my girl is just on the side on the sidewalk. I'm guessing they found like little nug or so under her seat and comes back and tells me whos is it mines or my girls. I play dumb and pretend its not mines or my grils and say I didn't know that was there because previously when the cop asked why my car stank I said I smoked earlier with my friends and my girl surprisingly also told them she didn't know it was there. anyways they take me to the HPD and once we get there they do the process thing, typing shit up and then they fingerprint me and I'm bonded $500 out by my mom. as I get home and see my ticket it says failure to have headlights on. and my warnings say failure to have headlights after sunset and no seatbelt. NOWHERE IS ANYTHING MENTIONED ABOUT WEED. on either paper! did they not charge me? I'm 18. But I was keeping it sooo cool with them and speaking respectfully and asking them conversatable questions. I was also pretending to be scared so they could see the guilt in my eyes and feel bad for me. maybe it worked maybe it didn't? they also said id receive my court stuff in the mail. my first time being arrested also. and having marry on you is a misdemeanor here. did they let me slide? I'm confused. Didn't read me my Miranda rights either lol
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  2. That's quite the paragraph.
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  3. No Miranda rights? Make sure you mention that in court. And plea not guilty. They'll give you another court date and they would need the cop that arrested you to be there. Most likely he won't show up (they hardly ever do) and your clean and clear.

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  4. No Miranda rights no charge your already free and clear.
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  5. They don't have to read him his Miranda rights. Been there, done that....
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  6. Here's some advice for the future. If you don't know if they found something, you better ask them to clarify what "it" is. I doubt it played any role in this situation, but I'm very familiar with their tactics.

    Also, just because that charge isn't on your ticket doesn't mean they won't be sending you one in the mail.
  7. Yeah legally if your not read your Miranda rights they can't legally charge you for anything

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  8. Not True at all
    Most low level crimes perps are never or hardly ever read rights (most BS charges are reduced or pled out)
    Once it becomes Felony charges, the dicks (Detectives ) will and than have you sign a rights card that they did so.
    Some states play by different rules .
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  9. Good rule of thumb is to learn the laws where you live
    before hand, just in case.
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  10. If it was a tiny amount the cop probably tossed it ,I d think it would be on the ticket.You can call the police and ask them what the charges are just to double check and they ll tell u.I d be willing to bet he just tossed it,.As far as Miranda s go it s there word vs yours and 10 outta 10 they win.Not many cops do the whole Miranda thing unless it s a big bust or there being recorded .Good luck with all this shit,I wouldn t take probation ,that what they ll want because they get money and are hoping you continue to screw up so they ll have you by the balls.I d try to pay a fine and do alittle community service.
  11. Some States have to wait for results from the lab
    They send the sample in and if positive they charge you with the possession and mail an appearance ticket.
    But in your case, a Nug I highly doubt it ,He tossed it.
    Was it a small town cop or big city?
    Everywhere treats it differently
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    Incorrect sir. I'm a 5x felon, more misdemeanors then I know. First time I brought up the no Miranda read bs, my attorney said that's the most common misconception of an arrest. Miranda rights do not have to be read to make an arrest.
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  13. LOL
    Got me beat
  14. Only when questioned , if they do it right LOL
    Or they lie and say they did
  15. Miranda rights are only required if you are being detained for investigation or interrogation

    Not for being booked downtown
  16. I'm a 5x felon, charged with a few others that were dropped. I've been arrested in multiple states. Even felony charges don't always have the Miranda rights read. I've never had an officer try and get me to sign a rights card. I've been in prison 2x, jail more then I can remember, I've never heard of such a practice from any inmate or attorney. All your Miranda rights are for is for questioning that could be used in court. It has nothing to do with the actual arrest itself. If they have the proof they need without the need to question you for additional proof, even felony charges don't always have their rights read
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    I agree
  18. And not all questions either. It has to pertain to evidence to the specific crime. Asking your name, where you're headed too, etc, etc questions like that no rights need read. In my experience very few times do officers actually need to read rights in the field. It's when you're setting down making your statement and answering questions for the investigation that rights are read.
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    That's what I meant

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