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Important website to have a look at.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by R0Y5TON, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. I have just found this website and it seems to me that it is un-biased (haven't read through it all). It tells you the ins and outs of certain substances.

    I think it worth a read and look at seems as i'm sure there are people on this forum who may take certain other things.

    I do not promote other drug use. I just think that this is a handy website if people don't know what they are taking. They can get a decent idea about it.

    The reason i am putting this up is because last night a lad I knew off overdosed on GBL and died. He was only 19.

    I hope people will read this so they get a decent understanding and take things with respect and have a good time.

    Forgot to post website....
  2. Thanks for posting actually, people need to learn this stuff.
  3. Interesting read. Thanks.
  4. Shit nice find. is already a good website with loads of more info tho.
  5. interesting. thanks for the post
  6. Sorry to hear about your friend.
  7. I've just looked at that website, Erowid. Interesting website. Thanks for the input. No worries. I didn't really know the lad just knew off him round town. Quite a hard nut he was, started on him once :/ But its the least you can do really so more people know of these substances.
  8. That might be a little outdated. I read it says benzos are not illegal to posess without a prescription

    That was true until recently

    So be careful, but good site.
  9. interesting..thanks for posting

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