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  1. I've got 4 girls right now about 3 1/2 weeks into flowering , some things are bothering me at this point though . I was really stupid and put the plants into smaller 8 inch pots at the beginning , I'm worried now that they will not be large enough and will effect the growth . I want to transplant them into 5 gal. buckets , what is the safest way I can do this ? all the plants are over 21 inches tall with the tallest being about 31 .The stalks don't seem like they could handle much stress without snapping . Is this possible to do safely ? If not i'll just take my chances with them in the 8 inch pots . Any help will be apreciated .
  2. i would only transplant them if i thought they were root bound. sounds like an 8" pot would be small for those plants though, so i'd probably try to put them in 5gal buckets or something. it's definitely still possible to transplant them, people transplant 15 foot tall trees. it will be awkward because of their size though, you might need another person to help? def don't want to ruin all your work to this point by breaking a main stem in half or something.
  3. if your 8in pots are plastic, you can always be very careful and cut the pot (up and down) to get the plant out but you have to be careful to not disturb the root structure. this is what i did and it worked quite well
  4. Thank you guys for the replys , I'm nervous about even touching them , I think I'll just wait to see if any problems arise . If the time does come where it's nessesary then i'll just cut the pots like was recommended , again , thanks .
  5. if they are root bound they will drink alot of water very quickly (will require almost constant feeding), will not show much new growth and probably a number of other problems. if you're not already noticing problems you might get by, but you got another month of flower too it sounds like, so...

  6. Transplanting is not a scary thing...just be careful. Prepare your soil and add enough to the new container to bring the smaller pot near to the top with a few inches to spare. Place your hand on top of the soil of the plant you're up-potting with the stem between two of your fingers (or thumb and forefinger if the stem is too thick). Then, while holding the dirt in the pot, turn the pot upside down and let the soil and roots slide out into your supporting hand. position the root ball on the newly prepared soil and fill in all around the root ball with additional potting soil. bring the new soil up to, and above the original soil line and press everything firmly down. Water thoroughly until the water drains out of the bottom of the new container (you did remember to drill LOTS of drainage holes in the bottom of the bucket right?)

    Good to go.
  7. I usually don't transplant during flower, I have done it before. When I have to do it with a big plant I sometimes cut the bottom of the small pot out and put the whole pot in a bigger pot. I guess this depends on if your pots are plastic and if the smaller will fit into the bigger....just something I did in the past and it worked for me....good luck
  8. You definitely need to transplant. The pots are TOO small.

    I have THE perfect way (assuming plastic pot):

    You'll need a Dremel, or a Walmart knock off ($20 or so?)

    Attach the round metal disk used for cutting.

    Fill the 5 gal tub with dirt just high enough so that when you set an 8in pot in, the base of the plant is about 3 or so inches below the top of the 5 gal bucket.

    First, cut the bottom out of the 8in pot.
    Then a cut from top to bottom,
    and a 2nd cut from top to bottom directly across from the 1st one.
    Set the 8in pot (minus the bottom), into the 5gal pot, leaving the sides on for a minute
    pour soil around he sides of the 8inch pot, removed the sides, add more dirt
    and bingo, THE perfect transplant. Any questions Message me.

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