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  1. First off, I know this really should be in the TV forum, but it will get more attention here. If it really is a problem then mods feel free to delete.

    Anyway, the new Demetri Martin show is about to come on Comedy Central... I've been excited for this show for a month. The guy is total genius! Anyone else waiting for it to come on?
  2. yeahh, im probably gonna watch it.
  3. It actually kinda sucked... his stand up is much better.

  4. ehh, i kinda figured that.

    is it worth the watch or should i not even waste my time? haha
  5. I think you should watch it and let me know what you think that way I will know if I should even bother tuning in next week.

  6. alright, haha.

    ill give you my input when im done watching it.
  7. Yeah... Not so great. Overhyped for sure.
  8. I was pretty baked when I saw the commercial (I don't watch tv much) and though "that looks pretty funny, but probably won't be sober."
  9. turned it off in 15 mins, i rele dont think the dude is funny
  10. i missed it the first time, but it's on again right now. So far i like it... i guess we'll see how the rest goes.

    oh btw im pretty baked :)
  11. BOOOOOOOO....big buzz kill. had a few funny parts but for the most part that dude is whack as fuck. I give it a stoner rating of 3 bong rips out of a possible ten rips!
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    He's really good, but I cringe because I can tell he's so gonna be one of those people that people always name-drop to impress others with their "taste" in comedy. Uh, I hate that bullshit.

    But yea, he's really funny.

    My friend told me that he had initially been getting a law degree and with like a few years left to go he decided he didn't really think doing law would make him happy- so he dropped everything and went into comedy 8 years ago. Something like that.
  13. Bring back dave
    bring back dave
  14. It's kind of funny, not at all like his stand up. That was only the first episode though, things might pick up. I think it's great they have the guy on there who did the voice of the coach on home movies, though.

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