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  1. my plant will be going into its 5th week of flowering give or take a day or 2 but my queestion is that some of the leaves are starting to curl and i was wondering if this is normal or if something is wrong my plant has been growing fine but i have heard that the leaves start to do that cause the buds are taking all the energy so they can grow i will post a pic tomrrow but any advice till then woudl be greatly appreciated thanks GC. alos i wanted to know if i could cut off the bottom four branches will that increase the size of the top of my plant? or is that a no-no?
  2. If the rest of the plant looks healthy and the buds are fattening up, I wouldn't worry too much about some leaves curling. My girl has been flowering about 10 weeks I guess and is dropping fan leaves like a maple tree in fall. Of course she IS rootbound to beat hell. Still growing big ol' buds and slowly ripening.
  3. They usually start yellowing first, as the nutrients are sucked back out through the stem, once the leaf starting losing nutrients is drys out. Thus creating the curl. If they are green and curling you might have a deficeincy.

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