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    The whole universe is one. I am you and you are me, literally. Right now in Mother Gaia's history, the large majority of humans run on their ego. It's like a raging fire that needs to be put out and it will when the time is right. In the upcoming months, we are going to have put our egos to rest and RE-educate our souls. And most importanly, remember who you really are. Mother Gaia is ascending to the 5th dimension gradually, as we speak and she will not stop for anyone. Humanity is going along with her as well. You will start to see changes soon and you will have to embrace them with a fully open heart. When this happens, we as one whole consciousness must rise and ascend. Helping us with this divine plan will be our star families and the Galactic Federation of Light. They are actively helping us from their ships and some are here on Mother helping. They already have billions if ships in our solar system and their presence is becoming more and more undeniable with the increase of sightings since October 13th. They will be landing and interacting with us on a daily basis, but this will come months after the government, currency, and law switchovers and the flow of arrests, NESARA, and prosperity packages. The dark cabal (illuminati) will all be arrested, new governments will be put in place that work for the people, precious metal backed currencies will be used worldwide, common law and the like will be enforced worldwide, and our wealth that was hidden from us will be returned along with St. Germaine funds and farm claims funds. I would not dwell on these changes. Although they are very positive and exciting, they are temporary. This is all setting us up for the dimensional shift. To prepare for this process, start acting from your heart. LOVE is key. LOVE is the answer to the universe. Nothing bad ever comes from LOVE. It is best to flow with the better half of the law of attraction. This means be loving to everyone and everything, no matter what happened in the past. There is only the NOW and nothing else. Also, go within and stay centered. This will solve many problems in your life. All answers can be answered by going within. Communicate with your guides/angels, the divine consciousness/creator/source, and your higher being. Find peace and bliss in the NOW. Remember that you create your own reality and you can experience the best or the worst. These are some of the things you will have to start practicing to be successful in the new paradigm and Humanity must come together as the ONE that we are.

    If your new to this, take a couple minutes to soak it all in. See what resonates with you. This is all very real and I would never do something to mislead another being. I am only spreading the MY truth. MY truth may be different from yours. So it may not seem true to you and that is perfectly fine. Everyone is on there own path and who am I to judge or affect that souls journey. I am just trying to get this out there to the GC. I am here to help and I will answer all questions. I will always fulfill my positions as a lightworker, bridger, old soul, and a crystal being. You can say anything you please here (keep it positive!) and I will promise you that you will not be judged or attacked. For this to be possible, I ask all posters to follow the same principles I am. I would like this thread to stay positive and LOVING. So please, if this thread doesn't resonate with you, please exit peacefully and don't put negative energy into this blissful thread

    - peace, joy, love, and light

    P.s. This thread was already opened but I didn't like the name so I decided to rename it.
  2. Yeah preach brotha
  3. so you know too..
  4. interesting...:D
  5. Haha but I stopped talking to peope about this put it into perspective in a pretty good way

    but today seems like everybodys too dumb or too smart for their own good

    I decided to stop trying to send a message because I've understood its not my responsibility...I'll just provide relief and understanding when these events begin to occur

    but as I see it seeing is believing so I'll wait till these folk see it...because had I never known of any of these things it'd be hard for me to believe

    but I'm glad its coming along well

    things are going to pick up this month
  6. be the change you wanna see.
  7. haha I dont need to whats done is done and what's going to happen is going to happen

    I personally went through a lot to understand this and now I'm finally free

    So I just plan on doing as I please... because what I realized quickly after my first enlightenment was that kids these days do wanna hear about God and Jesus because they get the wrong ideas...thats what this is about...but it has nothing to do with the bible or any of the bullshit stuck in peoples heads today...jesus could give two shits about the bible

    its like if somebody wrote a shitty biography about you

    So these past things aren't important its about where we're going and whats coming to us...i'm simply not worried anymore because its all soon everybody will enjoy it for themselves...I dont need to be the one to say i told you so

  8. Yes my brother. Would you like to share your journey in a PM maybe?

    And thanks for the positivity my friends!

    - peace, joy, love, and light
  9. You, sir/madam, are a liar. This mish-mash of conspiracy theory and new age mumbo jumbo did not change my life at all.
  10. So if this sir/madam is a liar then you're the truth eh?
  11. I think you may have missed the end of my post. It said if you didn't agree then that was fine, just don't bring negative energy in the thread.

    Have a wonderful day my friends and may the truth and light flow infinitely through your being.

    - peace, joy, love, and light
  12. Well, your thread title sucked me in. Anything not quoted, I am fine with or at agreement with.

    Physically yes, but "you" are not "me."

    This is possible whenever an individual finds the commitment.

    Who am "I" without the body that I experience through? if you mean you as our physical bodies, then we really are made up of the same physical components as all Life on Earth.

    What is the 5th dimension?

    How are we going along? Evolution?

    None of this has solid evidence, it is very skeptical. How do they travel through space, and how fast? We can only hypothesize the existence of life beyond Earth, and that doesn't include intelligent Life. You are claiming that there are billions of ships, which is what, billions of other intelligent lives?

    What type of government would that be? And how do we know it will work for all people? And I see that you said new governments, was that on purpose? If there are different governments, how would that differ than the way society already is?

    What is the criteria for distinguishing the difference of communication with a divine source and communication with the 'inner self' that we all have.

    Wouldn't it be misleading if what YOU think is true is actually false?

    I am open to all beliefs, until contradiction dismantles them.

    In all honestly, this seems just like Scientology. You bring excellent points up about morality and humanity working towards a Commwealth, but then you provide 'Truth' of outside help. Do you believe this is unobtainable without these "Outsiders" help? I believe you have a gross assumption about the altruism of individuals.

    Last question, if we need outsiders help, who gave the first outsider that obtained this state of mind/peace, their help? If you claim one form of life can do it alone, Why can't humans?
  13. haaha, i needed that laugh.
  14. HTML:

    Hey thanks for all your questions. I will be glad to give a reponse to every one of them. Before i do that can you teach me how to quote one part of your post at a time, just like you did in response to mine. Thanks in advance.

    - peace, joy, love, and light
  15. I just copy and paste the quotes on each statement. I am fine with you just quoting the whole thing and just type under my sentences. Just change the color of your text.
  16. interesting thread, subbed:smoke:
  17. also subbed. i wanna see where this goes.

  18. Very good question. This event has never happened in all of creation. We are moving from the 3rd dimension to the 5th dimension without changing form. I mean, this is HUGE. So that is one reason why. And another is because mother earth is moving to the 5th dimension now. We have to go with her because we cant be a 3D civilization on a 5D planet. So if we had extra time we could accomplish this by ourselves, but because we have to go now with mother earth we aren't really ready. That is why they are here to help and guide us.

    I hope this answers all of you questions and thank you for helping me out with the quoting thing.

    - peace, joy, love, and light
  19. Thank you for the support and subs my brothers...I would love to hear your take on this and if I could help in any way let me know.

    - peace, joy, love, and light
  20. umm yea wtf

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