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Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by xNate, Jun 4, 2013.

  1. I am fairly new with everything involving weed .
    I keep feeling like I am constantly being ripped off by the people I'm trusting cause there's always a few people that tell me that so and so Is ripping me off.

    They say its $20 for a gram of the good weed. Problem is , is I don't know how to tell if what I'm getting is good , or if what i am paying is decent. I recently got 2 dubs for $60.
    Can anyone please give me some pointers and tips on how to prevent being beat so I get what I'm paying for ??
  2. I'm in Pennsylvania , about 15 mins from
    Maryland border. If location helps.
  3. take a look around the stash jar threads, if your weed looks anything like the stuff over there it's good. and 20 a g is pretty normal, for 60 you should be getting an 8th but i dunno what a dub is to you
  4. A dub is just a 20 sack (double dime) or did people change the meaning

    Ill be back in an hour or so
    I'm going to where the pretty flowers grow

  5. O are you sayin a dub as in 2 grams if that's so 15a g is decent for bomb

    Ill be back in an hour or so
    I'm going to where the pretty flowers grow

  6. Sounds like OP paid 60 for 2 gs. You are getting ripped off. Buy a scale(they are like $15 for a decent one) And don't pay over 20 for a dub/G. You can ask for 8th's price range is anywhere from 40-60 where you live for a 3.5.

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