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  1. Hi guys, I'm using it since 3 years and I love it. But recently I have some problems. I changed it two times with the warranty because of the cuts on the mesh.
    But recently also if I have new lb, I don't see a lot of vapour. Probably my new metal grinder doesn't make very small pieces(almost small, but not powder) , anyway I m not really stoned using it.
    First two question :the original batteries release more power than an energizer?
    Does it work better without the plastic ring inside the battery hole?
    I red someone saying that.
    Anyway, I use 8 energizer 2350 mah, I cutted half plastic, half centimeter before where they touch the metal ring on the lb.
    Theorically is sufficient that contact for the best result, but maybe I should remove the entire plastic? I use every time alcohol, it's perfect for cleaning with Max conduction or maybe it leaves some plastic residue?

    I can't really understand why now the weed doesn't become black like time ago, risking to burn. Now a lot of time it remains brown or sometime little bit green.
    The batteries are almost new.

    Please answer to all the question posted, so I ll clearly understand how to improve the performances. Thanks :)
  2. Give it a good clean with alcohol. Get under the screen with a paper clip. You be suprised the amount of shit under there.
    Just be carefull. I do it all the time.
    Tbh i love the flight box i use mine with power adaptor and bubbler. However i will say i personally feel after a a box has had some hard vaping. After a year or two its not the same.

    I have 3 flight boxes im currently in process of buying a pax2. Time for a change.

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  3. Hmmm ... Probably you didn't read clearly and you also didn't answer to anyone of the questions!! XD
    I wrote that this mflb is new, because I changed it with the warranty!
    Anyway, I ll try what you said... But with "go under the screen" you meant that I have to fill some paper inside the airhole cleaning down the mesh or what? Can you answer to questions please?
  4. I hope that somebody help me soon please...
  5. Why not call the people who make it? Get a multi meter and check your batteries after a full charge would be my recommendation.
  6. Unfortunately I don't have a multi meter. But I m sure that somebody didn't remove the entire adhesive,so somebody should know that... What about the other question? I m sure that you have good knowledges about mflb ;)
  7. Cmon guys there's a lot of experts here. Can somebody answer to my questions please?
  8. I don't know the batteries you use but two things need to be considered:
    1- Discharge rate. Your batteries might not have sufficient discharge rate.
    2- Capacity. Over time I find that the original batteries have low capacity.

    Checking the voltage won't change a thing. A battery will have the proper voltage out of the charger but will hold its charge less longer because of its decreased capacity. So you end up with a functional battery that lose fast its charge (voltage). A lower voltage will result in a lower current and thus less heat.
  9. go over to fuckcombustion dot com. Under Portable vaporizers there is an MFLB thread of over 1000 pages!

    there is also a best of thread to read,

    Good Luck
  10. Thank you for the answer but is very generic. Can you tell me please If the batteries that I m using are OK? I m using the last energizer on the market, the precharged about 2300 mah. The voltage of those is good or not? Or maybe I have to peel the entire plastic for let them work perfectly, instead of just half piece?
  11. Sounds like the batteries I've had mine for 2 years and only used MFLB original batteries (which are 2400 mAh) and never had any issues. It's not good if it goes black it should be a light brown (maybe dark brown but never black!)

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