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  1. My apollo ballast just went out, It's 2 months old I just went to the post office and mailed it back. My new one will not be here before monday.

    The question is what will happen to my plants with no decent light till monday or tuesday? I am currently in my 3rd week of flower.

    here is a picture of my grow

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  2. I'd go scrounge up every CFL and or fluorescent light you can and then pray. They're going to stretch like hell if they don't get some light.
  3. found three 60 watt cfl's they say they are 2700's so should work good temporarily since they are no where near enough light in the long run.
  4. Why did your light fail?? Something happen or did it just go? What wattage is it, and what
  5. digital dimmable 600watt apollo just didn't come on this morning defective i guess...
  6. I have the same, is why Im asking. Just started my grow today. I bought the 1000 watt digital/dimmable MH/HPS system. Found it on ebay for $259. The next day they lowered their price to $239. Go figure. Did you receive the free bulb?? They have a promotion going on for a free bulb. If you didnt let me know & I'll explain how you can get one!
  7. I was wondering if you had done something to maybe make it break. I have mine outside of my room screwed to a, I hope!
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    mine was outside screwed to the wall too, it just stopped working no burn smell nothing just failed to start, I wasn't even running it at full power , I had it dialed down to 75 I did not get a free bulb.

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