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Important Question Regarding Police

Discussion in 'General' started by ctcoyote16, Aug 10, 2006.

  1. Say I was to be pulled over or came in contact with a cop. If he asks me, "do you have any illegal substances in your vehicle" and I really do have something illegal, what do I do?

    If I say "No sir" and he somehow pulls up some bullshit on how he has probable cause to search my car and finds something, how would my punishment be for lying to him?

    Obviously I cant say "yes" because then that would give him reason to search my vehicle.


  2. you have the right to remain silent...?
  3. there is a video out there somewhere that shows you exactly what to do in three different situations.... that being one of them. and searching your house and your person were the other two....

    but Im stoned and I forgot the link
    and Im not on my own computer so I dont know the website.

    so I guess Im really not of much help at all.


    I think someperson on this site has link to it in there signature.
    but once again I forgot who it was...

    can any one help him/me out?
  4. I know what video ur talking about, I dont know the link but the video is called "Flexing your Rights". i'm sure if u did a google search or a Youtube search you would find it
  5. Ive seen that video, but the cop never asks that exact question.

    Plus the kid never even answered it correctly by stating, "I do not consent to any searches officer. This vehicle is my mothers, and Im sure she wouldnt want it searched either".

    That would be a dead giveaway, to answer a simple question like "do you have any illegal substances in here".
  6. seriously, every stoner should watch cops as much as you can. you learn how they think. if they ask you like "do you have any marijuana? cocaine? heroin? Dead Bodies? Grenades?" and if you have a straight face, they suspect something. just laugh at it, well they may not say dead bodies and grenades, that one cop did. just treat the cop like an every day citizen with authority, be as polite and respectful as you can.
  7. think about it though..... if you say "no i dont' want you to search my vehicle blah blah blah" it's obvious your up to some bull shit because if you were clean and just driving along you would allow the officer to search and get the fuck going because you dont' want to smell that awful stench of pig anymore

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