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  1. Sometimes my wife plugs too many things at once and the electricity breaks down and that includes the grow tent. I of course run and fix it in less than a minute but this is the second time this happened the first was a few days ago and now it just happened again (we had the heater, dishwasher, TV'S, Computers etc... everything on.)
    What are the consequences? will it mess my grow up?

  2. A few minutes shouldnt hurt anything, light introduced in the dark period is a problem. You really need to reduce the number of appliances on that circuit.
  3. Get to pulling some wire in your house, get a dedicated 20 amp just for your grow.
    I just ran from a new 60 amp breaker #6-3 220vac to a sub pannel where I can add 6 more circuits.
    The big wire was $100 for 30 feet, sub panel was $30, 60 amp breaker $30, 2 20 amp breakers $12 then some #12-2 wire $25 outlet boxes and outlets about a buck each..
    Its way worth it to not fuck up your grow or burn down your house.
  4. It was literally 20-40 seconds... I guess I'll be alright then
    i dont have that of money right now. If i make sure it doesnt happen again is it good enough  I mean it only happened twice throughout the entire grow, in seperate occasions.
  5. You might want to turn off the heater while the dishwasher is running. Those 2 eat up some juice.
  6. That's exactly what is going to happen
  7. @[member="snoopdog6502"] how essential is adjusting and measuring the ph levels? I was told in soil it isn't such a big factor compared to hydroponics so I didn't buy in ph kit / tools... I just use tap water to water them every 2-3 days
  8. You should check the PH of your tap water. You might be able to get a report from your water supplier. In my area the tap water is 7.6 to 7.9, really alkaline. I use PH down to adjust the water to 6.3. You don't need much, I use an eye dropper to put a small amount into 5 gallons of water. Add all nutes, check PH, adjust and check again. A digital PH meter is really helpful.
    Good luck!
    To be honest I have checked PH maybe 5-10 times in the last 30 years. Checking and adjusting it has some validity for hydro,coco and soiless but for a soil grow I see fuckers on here chasing their damn tail up and down the road when many times they are doing more harm than good.
    Some people are always fucking with their plants, Just cant leave them alone to grow.
    So if a grower is the type who has tons of bottles of shit and constantly mixing up soup than they need a PH meter.
  10. I would begin saving money to rewire a few extra circuits or else you run the risk of fire, especially if you have old wiring or 14 gauge. Don't use a 20A breaker unless you have new 12/2 wiring. Those old wires will really heat up with all that amperage. Avoid extension cords for the same reason.
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    @[member="Julius Caesar"] @[member="snoopdog6502"] @[member="middleforker"] @[member="unixhelp"] When is the best time to move plants from one bucket to another? I'm justing moving mine from plastic to bigger buckest (Fabric) I heard it's better for the roots. I ordered it online a few days ago and it just got it. I also ordered Perlite with it, even though my soil has 30% perlite I'm going to add some more, make it 50-60%.
  12. I like to have a fairly root bound plant and let it dry out before transplanting.
    You get a nice big clod that holds together and very little chance of transplant shock. making transplanting a quick operation.
    Being that I do a sea of green I can transplant in my sleep. Then its just solo cups to 2 gallon pots.
  13. I hope I didn't do any big no-no's......

  14. Yeah the root ball stayed with the soil was all around it. Some of the soil crumbled and began to fall apart but that was just when i was about to put it in the new pot, and I just covered it with more soil/perlite gently. I also had no gloves so I held the plant with a plastic bag.
    No matter, no matter.. I guess later on tonight / tomorrow we'll see how they progress.
    Yea loose soil mixes that dont compact well make for a fucker to transplant.
    You dont need gloves, the plants are tough, your not going to hurt it.
    you will know in 30 minutes to and hour if they suffer shock from a noticeable wilting.
  16. OMG i think one of them was like that........... but it didnt look as bad as ones on google it just looked like on of the leaves wasn't having fun.  1 hour and 47 minutes for lights up, we'll know then...
  17. Spot on. After breakers trip 30 or more times, they start to wear out. Ive seen cases like this. Hope you don't have a federal pacific panel.
  18. Some of the leaves seem a little bit "curly" but they're not wilting as bad as some pictures I've googled.. Yet I noticed while 3 of my plants are completely fine (I think) 2 of them are wilting. One of them actually has it's leaves touching the soil. And the other is just wilty-ish. But they're perfectley green, I noticed their leaves are getting bigger and the stem is getting thicker and taller and also produces a couple more tiny leaves. Not sure what it means so far but I'm trying to improvise here and see how I will be able to take a picture of them.
    The best way to describe them for now is, to say they're NOT! like this:
    More like this (close):
    WHAT DO I DO??!?!?
  19. If its a fat leaved indica with huge leaves than they are just going to be floppy and have to grow out it.
    My bubblicious was the same way till I changed from MH to HPS and the things took off vertical.
    mine never perked back up but the new growth did.
    all you can do is play the waiting game.

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