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  1. Hey guys I have an interesting question that I am very curious about.
    I don't have anything but a fan with a filter on the back and I'm going to use dryer sheets on the back of my other fan.

    I know that this sounds ridiculous but I have to control the smell. I can't get any carbon filter or anything like that.

    My main worry is about putting a fan inside my closet to circulate the air around the plant. Do I really need to have a fan pointing at my plant or could I just let the plant grow without having any air blow on my plant.

    The reason why I don't want to have a fan blowing around the smell is because it will make my room smell way worse in my opinion though. So ya pretty much what would you guys do and the main thing about having a fan circulating the weed smell. Thanks guys
  2. Fan or not it will probably eventually smell up your entire house without a filter

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  3. Yes I know this lol but their will be a difference between the two options.
    My last grow didn't smell up the house at all. It depends on the strain and the size of the plant.
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  4. Plants need to breathe =101

    they do so by the stomata inhales C02

    and exhales 02

    just like U but opposite

    in still air like a closet its un natural

    so a fan is needed to blow that 02 away

    fresh air with C02 is vented in

    best for U is an extract fan that sucks air in under the door..?

    and vents it out of the window

    I gotta ask

    How long can you hold ur breath?

    good luck
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