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Discussion in 'General' started by mime, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. I hate to open up the entire thread like this, hope you guys don't stereotype me, but I'm just loaded with cash. I rarely do anything but smoke weed, troll, fuck dime pieces, and snap ass shots. How exactly can I maybe start depriving myself a bit, I'm young have a rather large amount of surplus cash, and haven't figured out what I want to do with my life yet, what are your suggestions?

    PS Not trying to troll..
  2. Hello.

  3. keep being super cool bro
  4. Your young and have surpluss cash? Vegas.
  5. Well if I wanted to, I'd probably talk about how unimpressive something of this nature seems


    His campaign will fail, but that's neither here nor there. I just need some help right now.
  6. :confused:
    That's not getting me anywhere though, just a lot of the material stuff that most people can't get, like dank, ass on call, more ass, and the ability to get up and go but I want more than that, I need advice on a sense of direction you kind of get the picture?
  7. I know what you mean brah, it's hard being a hustla. I myself have been workin on a side project to take over the world. Maybe we can team up, we'd be in charge of EVERYTHING.
  8. perhaps try learning some modesty and see where you can go from there
  9. Keep being cool. Your cooler than I ever hoped to be. Keep the dream alive.
  10. hedge fund, keep stackin.
  11. Total rapageeeee bruh! hustle hard.

    Sorry, I figured it's better not to leave things out so everyone understands, just don't take it the wrong way...we cool??? If you're legit enough I might fly you out just to smoke you out at the airport and fly you back home :cool::cool: lol, but idk.

    You think? Maybe till like the New Year, then I definitely have to change the pace..that's why I need some advice now!
  12. Start a Co-Op?
  13. You could just...kill yourself?
  14. Why would I want to move out to california? If I was to do something like that it wouldn't be some little bo peep op, I would only stack grande chips.

    Nah brah.
  15. Give it to us little people who don't have cash to spare... Just a suggestion.
  16. Mime's can't communicate !!

    Troll : D
  17. I always give to those less fortunate than myself if that wasn't obvious, I prefer giving advice though, it's the credit card you can use over and over again.
  18. want to deprive yourself huh, you can give your surplus of cash to me. Ill gladly help you out with that problem.
  19. Jeez, all that money much be such a hassle.

    Why can't people understand how hard it is to be young and rich?

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