Important Question!!! Movement of autoflowers!! Outdoors/indoors

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  1. Hey guys, so recently I have started my 3 grow ever but for.sure my most serious attempt at doing it...

    My question is....
    I live in Edmonton Alberta, we have had an absolutely gorgeous spring life has started early outside so I figured I would start 2 seedlings really early on an see how it goes. The problem im having is I really wanted to veg them inside an once they became a few inches up I would put them in the green house out back an veg my next two plants in the closest. But may is bringing in much colder nights an im curious for My plants sake will they be affected if I bring them inside for the night under the lights an outside in the sun for all nice days (basically 6 days -7days outside) if not outside under the lights. Will this affect my autoflowers?? The whether outside is currently averaging 20c an climbing by the day. Any help or advice would be much appreciated

    Attached bellow are current images, outside pic is autos germ then planted on April 21 2016. Then inside picture is two new plants under lights germ an potted on April 30th

    DSC_0027.JPG DSC_0025.JPG
    2 Alien og vs Triangle kush
    Mephisto genetics
    2 Pd x amnesia haze
    All autos

    Help please

    One love
  2. Autos don't care about light/dark they flower when they are old enough unlike regulars that flower when the dark is around 12 hours. You can take them in at night and put them under lights and then put them in the sun all day they grow when they have light. They need full sun and yours are stretching looking for light.
  3. Wicked that is amazing news to hear super happy, do you know if my autos would be affected if they went from being full 24 hours light which they have been, to like a natural 16 hours sun an 8 hours natural dark in a green house when it gets warmer, like June ish
  4. If it isn't freezing or frosting they should be OK outdoors. they are going to flower and be done in the time stated for each strain so if they are a 90 day plant that 90 days starts when the seed pops and the quicker they get into good light the better.

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