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Important question about job in California and MMJ

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by imdry, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. So I have TONS of ailments, im prescribed a whole bunch of crap I hate taking where im located now. Im certain when I move to California in the next couple years I will have my MMJ card immediatly. My question is I plan on studying Criminal Justice and becoming something in the court system (possibly a probation officer, etc.) If I was too get drug tested (I do not know if they drug test or not) and I had my MMJ card and I tested positive for marijuana, would they treat that the same since I have a prescription for it as they would pills or would I get fired? (Oxycodone for pain comes up as opiates, etc..But if you have a prescription for it there is no problem) I have been curious about this since I found out I was moving to California. Any helps appreciated! Don't take that card for granted everybody! I haven't smoked in a while nor am I going to get too until I move out there which isn't for a while!
  2. Sigh...asked and answered a number of times.

    Your MMJ RECOMMENDATION is not a prescription, and therefore does not offer the same benefits. I.E. you can still be terminated for failing a drug test, you can be terminated for simply being a patient, and you can be evicted for growing/smoking in your apartment should your lease state that "no illegal activities are allowed", which many boiler plate leases state.
  3. not cool, i didn't really want prop 19 to get passed unless it was nationwide legalization, i thought medical was more than enough. now i don't.
  4. It's a perfect example as to why we need FULL legalization. Not decriminalization, not just MMJ, but full legalization at the Federal level.

  5. This...I mean it's great to get it to medical status but full legalization will get us protections and shit and we will kind of needed it when the time for legalization comes.

  6. i agree we need total legalization for this extremely benificail plant, but you have to learn walk before you can run, so in reality only an mmj state will consider legalization. we need all states to legalize medical use atleast.

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