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  1. Hey, guys. While I was sleeping the box I had all my plants on gave in and collapsed, and the plants fell and were covered by soil that fell out of the pots. Kinda ironic because I was planning on getting cinderblocks in there for a more sturdy structure today... too late. I've got it done now though. Anyways, I quickly removed everything and did my best to rescue them. They are all battered down, but I think all of them will be okay except for maybe one that fell entirely out of its pot... not sure how its rootball is going to like that. :/

    I'm going to give them a big healthy watering and maybe some light ferts, but here is my question. It's right about time now when the lights would go off for around a 5 or 6 hour dark period... Should I skip the dark period today to get the plants some light and try to get them to perk back up, or should I keep with the cycle I've been going with and just hope that they will be looking better when the light comes back on this evening? I'm kinda leaning towards leaving the lights on today, but I don't want to stress them like that if I don't have to.

    There's 7 plants... 5 of them are around 4th or 5th node, & the other two are still very young. I went to bed around 4:30AM and woke up at around 12:00 noon. The plants could have fallen anytime between then... I don't know when it happened.
  2. Hey man.
    Sounds like you have the plants in veg (18/6). If that is the case you can keep the lights on, off, on and off it does not really matter during veg. You can interupt the dark period as well. As long as they are in veg the lighting period, darkness of night time etc is not critical.
  3. oh, alright. I heard from other people that erradatic light patterns even during veg could cause problems with hermaphrodites later. I'll leave the lights on then, I guess. well, I'm going to go feed them now. thanks for answering. :]
  4. if your plants arent already dead.then there good..i wouldnt even ove r water them......just set them up reall good...apologize to your plants and they should be fine!!! im first time grower.....but i've brought back some plants to life in my garden....
  5. ahh, I'm not overwatering. they have really good drainage in these pots. today was the day they needed to be watered anyways. I don't think any of them are dead, just pretty battered down. The only one I think is questionable is the one that fell out of its pot... its rootball was still together, but I'm not sure if it left any roots behind in the pot below that... which I think it probably did... oh well. We'll see. When I first woke up and went in there and saw what happened I flipped, but I fixed everything and it doesn't seem to be as much of a disaster as what I first thought.

  6. Yeah. Erratic lighting and light schedule can cause Hermies mostly during flower. You should try to stick with the strictest light schedule during flower. However, all flicking the lights on during the veg dark period will do is keep the plant out of flower or in veg. Otherwise, try to stick to 18/6 as much as possible.
  7. thanks. wow, I can't believe I spelled erratic that horribly in that post. haha. well, the same day the plants fell over and got battered down by falling soil, a bunch of baby grasshoppers appeared. I didn't mention it at first, because I tried to take care of it on my own, but I'm still seeing them around now and they're starting to munch of my plants, so I need some advice on how to get rid of them. take a look at the thread I just made and help me out here or there if you can. thanks.

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