IMPORTANT: Injustice in Brazil!

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    AMAZON WATCH » Stop the Belo Monte Monster Dam!

    Please take 5 seconds to just look at the link!

    These acts by the Brazilian Govt. is appalling. Its disgusting how blatantly they can abuse the people, just to make a quick buck. Im usually not serious, but this is important. I think this is grossly overlooked and hopefully it goes viral like that bullshit Kony video. The difference here is there is no Co. asking for money etc. just a petition to sign.

    I hope somehow we can stop this. Thanks to those who took the time to sign it/look!
  2. Signed it and shared it on two other forums
  3. sounds like another kony thing
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    Thank you very much man! Id love to see this stopped.

    How?! Looks at the website, as opposed to the Invisible Children one. Do you notice the lack of advertising and links to buy merchandise etc etc.? Why?! Because they arent profiting off this like Invisible Children is Kony 2012. It is a mere petition, dont be a jackass. :rolleyes:

    Also, the big difference is Invisible Children is a company, making profit and spending 8.8MIL of 13MIL donations on filming and such, whereas Amazon Watch is a nonprofit organization, all donations go directly towards the cause, not making shitty movies. Again, dont be a jackass.

  5. Woah ignorance.. This is quite a bit different. Just because one thing was a money-scamming project doesn't mean everything is.
  6. whats with the hate for kony 2012? so the guy who made the video is greedy and insane... but fuck kony! he's a real guy. who did real bad things. its good we know about him.

    this dam thing isnt even as bad. but still bad. so i assuming that the damn is gonna flood these villages or somthing? video was not super informative.
  7. You said it would only take 5 seconds but the video was 1:35 long.

    I don't offer my support to liars.
  8. don't believe what everyone says cause in the end its all just the profits
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    Your right, what Kony is doing is terrible, but I hate Invisible Children and corporations alike. They pretend to be charities, all the while they are spending more than half of their "donations" on filming and advertising etc. Also they are pushing "Kony" merch, just to make MORE money.

    yeah, flood and destroy a wide area of the rain forest, which would also drive out or kill all the indigenous tribes. They are basically destroying their homes and not even acknowledging their existence.

    Nope, I said 5 seconds to look at the link :D

    My advice to you:

    1.) Learn how to put together a sentence.

    2.) Actually get to know what your talking about - Amazon Watch is an non profit organization. Do you also dislike American Cancer Society? What about Goodwill? Habitat for Humanity? Make a Wish? or are you one of those dumb wannabe hippies who thinks "everything is a corporation feeding the greed machine, bro"

    Here, let me educate you: Nonprofit Organization refers to an organization that uses surplus revenues to achieve its goals rather than to distribute them as profit or dividends.

    Their "revenues" are only donations. They dont sell overpriced merchandise or make billions off of shitty documentaries (unless they use the proceeds as donations-which goes towards the NRO goals). Also, their only goal is to stop destruction of the rain forest as well as the mistreatment and destruction of basic human rights of the indigenous people and their culture.

    3.) Stop posting in this thread.

    in that order.
  10. The Brazilian government is all fucked up. In certain places they'll take you out back and shoot you just for a minor crime.
  11. Ahh they are all the same.

    Show sad

    Show old white guy

    Ask for donation

    months LATER.....

    What happened to amazon watch and the damn?


  12. I was hopin' this wasn't gonna be another back and forth with no citations, at first I thought you were headed that way...Nice edits, I approve.

    Still won't sign, but I want to watch the world burn so I do my part to the best of my ability.:cool:
  13. yeah i figured id throw in some concrete examples to make it easier to connect words with meanings, which he/she has a problem with.

    In response to burning the world, this is what John Denver has to say:

    [ame=]John Denver - Country Roads - YouTube[/ame]

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