{IMPORTANT} Help wireing a 600w lumatek E-Ballast.

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    hey guys... So first off i ahve no pictures... But heres the thing, i just got my 600w Lumatek E-Ballast and a 600w MH light along with a hood... Now i have NO idea how to connect these things together. Out of the hood there is a black and white wires (not spliced) And out of the Ballast there is a White, Black and a green (all three spliced) The ballast also came with these 4 rubber nob things... just thought i would add that in. So im basicly asking how in hell do i wire all this together to get it to work. Cheers. Chris.
    EDIT: SO i've figured out that i need to wire the white to white and black to black... but what do i do to the green? im supost to ground it to earth, but im in a condo on the 2nd floor >.> Can i put an electrical cap over it and cover it with electrical tape?
  2. The rubber things are probably cushions for the ballast. Most ballast come with a hydrofarm or, sunleaves plug.
    Anyway the black wire is the hot wire, the white is neutral and the green is ground, for safety so you won't get juiced....Just splice black to black and white to white. The green wire at the ballast can be attached to a screw, but you can get a new cord with green wire and splice green to green and attach the green at the hood to a screw.

    Some pics would really help because most ballast and hoods don't get sent out like that unless someone had it jury rigged.....
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    Thanks for the responce i've been dieing waiting for one. Ill try to find some pics of mine on google or somthin. But i dont have a camera :S Anyways... the green wire is all im really still confused about. Can i just cap it and put electrical tape around it. Or can you just clarify about the green wire. ^_^ Thanks a ton brotha!
    EDIT: forgot i can use my webcam :p http://i1228.photobucket.com/albums/ee456/burgerz1/2012-08-0919-11-01302.jpg That one is off the hood. http://i1228.photobucket.com/albums/ee456/burgerz1/2012-08-0919-12-09739.jpg And this one is from the cable that came with the hood.
  4. Let's back up here..On the ballast are the exposed wires on the input side or, the output side.?
    You can cap the green wire but, not a good idea safety wise...
  5. The cord with the White, Black and Green was the cord that i connected to the ballast, is on the output side i belive... if im reasing the little sticker correctly. Also why would it be a safty hazard to cap the green wire?
  6. It's a hazard not using the wire, especially around water. I have bypassed ground (green)wires many times but, not a good idea.

    If that's the output side why not put a female plug their and a male plug on the hood cord....The output plugs that come on a lumatek are different than most standard plugs but, it's 115V so any plug with ground(green) rated for 600volts should be fine and that solves the green wire dilemma if you swap out the hood cord for a three wire even better.....;)If that's not an option just wire them as I said above, cap off the green and your golden....Just don't be standing in the tub when you plug it in...:smoke:
  7. Aight yeah im not headin anywere tonight xD i just want to get this thing up and running, so im just going to cap the green wire. One more thing, when i can the green wire adn wrap it in electrican tape, what are the hazzards? can i not touch a certian thing or... you know what i mean? Anyways im going to go set this beast up. thank you so much i literally could not have done this without you!
  8. There is no electricity running through the green wire and it won't short out....It just provides a ground for the ballast...If you have a case screw close attach it their and your grounded..at the ballast.
  9. Yea but the ground is also good for electricity surges so you should at least put it on a grounded elec strip with surge protection
  10. you didnt show a ballast yet.

    and wiring is pretty simple man,

    black is a specific current as white is the opposite.

    most power cords have those two wires INSIDE them outter rubber jacket. cut a power cord open solder/splice together and attach a electrical joint thing that you screw onto spliced wires.


    but take a picture of the ballast

    and a ground is anything that conducts i beleive, like your grounds in your car are just to the frame.

    you could ground it out just by attachting it to anything metal with a rubber washer between the metal and the ground.
  11. True TT...I'm assuming the input side is grounded...He would be wise to get it all put together as it should be....
  12. its super easy to assemble the ballast just with parts, so a simple wiring thing would be easy, could walk you threw it with

  13. Ok well... all im doing is caping the green.. and attatching the white and black wires. Is that good? i literally have nothing to attatch the wire to the metal on the ballast.

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