Important Flowering/Lighting Question - NEW POWER STRAIN!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by HiTCheR, Apr 12, 2007.

  1. I'm growin a batch of BC Big Bud with 180w of CFL's (various spectrums)

    I have 4 plants that i'm lsting in a closet 3 ft wide by 11ft high by 6.5 feet long

    (its your typical walk in closet)

    I'm curious as to how much more lighting i'm going to need to flower these?

    I'm not going to let them grow much more than 2.5 feet tall due to the mass lsting i've done. Each plant is approximately 2 foot by 2 foot so if i have 4 plants 3ftx2ft = ? Wattz in a closet painted WHITE with semi-gloss paint
  2. Hey man, you're ligting sounds pretty well just like mine. Keep the cfls 2-3 inches from your girls and you'll be golden. You may wanna up the light during flowering.

    Check out my grow journal below for ideas
  3. Alright, dont ask how but now im down to 4 plants. in flower now (day 3 after a 24 hour dark period.)

    They are still in the closet, growin like a mofo - its insane, how the lst works I'm learning so much stuff like how if you tie the very top of each branch down to your pot using a series of rubber bands. I tie all of the tops about half way below the main cluster of the plant and it forces the tied branches to sprout new ones, i tie those down and they sprout more - crazy:smoke: !!!!!!!!

    Now my question is...........

    *Pretty sure that equals 156w of various spectrum CFLs and
    225w of Incandescent lighting (basically useless i hear) *

    Is this enough to flower my 4 mommas?

  4. General rule of thumb is 100 actual watts per plant.

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