Important exams. Can I smoke?

Discussion in 'General' started by Plekkim, May 17, 2003.

  1. I'm having and important exam in 10 days and it's crucial that i get good grades in this, so i was wondering if i could smoke some weed tonight, without jeopardizing my exam.
    It's over a month since I smoked last time.
  2. probably won't hurt, but i wouldn't recommend smoking much and everyday upto your exam. smoking kind of blows the short-term memory...
  3. I'm only gonna smoke tonight. It won't hurt or what?
  4. It won't hurt you. Just don't study much tonite. When you study stoned you remember things stoned but you forget them while sober. Smoking tonight wont affect you in the future. Tomorrow you'll be back to normal and can continue to study and worry about exams. I smoked the night before my cal 2 exam while studying. It was only a couple hits worth but it was all I had left and it's really not a good idea to get blasted when studying, but a little buzz can help me tune everything else out.
  5. take the test high, get high scores..... lol..... j.k but i think you will be fine....
  6. you're a little off s&t. It's Study high. Take the test high. Get high scores. Good call, tho.
  7. Good to know.Cause i'm high now :D

    Yeah, How High rocks. Think i'm gonna see it now.

    Fucking good :D

    Hardcore, man.....Fucking Hardcore.
  8. Listen to Queens Of The stone Age - Go With The Flow. It's awesome.

    It's going to be good seeing them on Roskilde Festival!

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