Important Dxm Update

Discussion in 'General' started by telluride toker, Nov 6, 2003.

  1. Ok, I've heard a lot of people wanting info on DXM, the active ingredient on cough syrup. I'm writing this simply because some people may try to get high off of cough syrup with BAD other ingerdients in it. So here is the solution:
    Robbitussin Cough Gels.
    They are available at wal-mart, they are in pill form, each containing 15 mg. DXM and nothing else that can interfere with your body. The price is $5 for 20 pills. This is also good for people who can't stand the taste of syrup. Note that I am not advocating using DXM, as it can lead to depletion of seritonin in the brain.

    P.S. Don't go out and buy up their whole stock too fast, or else they'll catch on and stop selling it. (Like contac cough caps in the 1970s.)

    Any information you need can be found on
  2. Hmmm...interesting. But the only problem is for me I'd have to take the whole box just to get to the 2nd Plateu...I'm not good with taking pills. They always get stuck in my throat. I'll stick to the syrup because I can get it down my throat easier.

  3. ugh, i can't stand the taste of the syrup. I like the pills because they don't taste bad (they get a little hard to swallow) and there's no nausea.
  4. haha i think i said that in another dxm thread, i saw a commercial on that shit while i was locked up in the psychiatric hospital, cant wait to try em haha, but not TOO many of em.

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