*IMPORTANT*China to limit US exposure,blasts 'debt bomb' economic collapse closer

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    As I had said many times, and many blades accused me of being a conspiracy theorist. They accused me of being a fear monger. They even made jokes that I should put on a tin foil hat, well.. the joke is on you. Your economy is going to collapse. China is the largest holder of US treasuries, even more then your own government. It may not happen this month, it may not happen next month BUT IT WILL HAPPEN unless your government finds a way to permanently fix it's problem. Increasing the debt ceiling isn't going to help, it's just going to post pone the problems. As the article said, the only thing that will come of what your government doing is extending the fuse on the bomb. And this is a big bomb.

    Do you want to believe me now?

    China to limit US exposure, blasts 'debt bomb'
  2. bro chill, i got u
  3. Why are you so worked up over all this? What happens, happens man.. light one up and relax :)
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    I'm only worked up a little, mostly concerned for the future.
    1) If your economy colllapse it will hurt the world. It won't be localized in your country only.
    2) Canada is a huge trading partner with the US and it would effect us.
    3) This is basically saying it's going to happen, unless the US manages to fix it's problem. And unless they decide to tax some of the largest companies in your country, and not have tons of tax loopholes for the wealthy, it won't be fixed and fat chance of that happening. And if people stop spending needlessly (fat chance of that happening too). NOT good
  5. I mean.. there's really not much anyone can do about anything anymore. Politics runs everything. I see comments on news websites of people bitching and complaining about problems and that's all that they do pretty much. At the end of the day, common citizens have no power.

  6. With that kind of attitude the citizens of the US won't get jack shit done. Translation: "I'll just sit back and watch the Economy completely fuck up and not try to do anything about it." Citizens one by one have no power, but mass together they would be unstoppable and could change the entire country for the better.
  7. Fuck a china.

    Let's just nuke every fucking body and take all their lands.

    We have the appropiate defense systems to survive most retaliation attacks.

    Everyone knows if the US falls its dragging everybody with it :)

    Yeaaa footbal gett soome

  8. :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
    The world will prosper more then it is now once your economy collapses. It will get rid of a shit stain on the world. I don't mean the people of course, I mean your retarded government.

  9. Not sure if you know what happened last time US citizens tried to stand up for themselves in the 60s and 70s against the Vietnam War and other things, but many lost their lives whether it went public or not. Most people know that the US Govt is corrupt and no matter how many people try and stand up now, we will be shot down just like before. Maybe not with violence, but definitely with brute force if they need to. The US Govt doesn't give a fuck.
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    I think I finally figured you out...

    You're just mad that you're canadian and as such an afterthought to the rest of the world.

    So you talk shit about us..

  11. called it.

    like 3 years ago.

    this is where it begins, let us collapse then come in and soon we will be the ones making cheap crap for them
  12. Man revolution doesn't happen after one or two tries. You have to keep doing it until it succeeded. Did blacks stop being slaves after their first try? no.
    Did women get rights after their first try? no

    Bro I'm not talking shit about you. I'm talking shit about your government.
    If you think your government is cool, then you got trolled.
    You don't like me as is clear from you trolling almost every thread I make.
    So be gone! This is the last I will respond to any of your post whether it's this thread or another one.
  13. money is useless.

    there is plenty of love to go around.

    check the vibes good sir.

  14. Too bad the people who dominate the world don't think so D:
    But change is coming and it will be good!
  15. I like u just fine dawn..

    Proffesional troll is proffesional

    Never personal


  16. the powers we yeild compare nothing to the powers that be. ie heaven, fate.
  17. Jokes on you China...we are keeping your money

  18. Haha that made me lol. You realize your country is in $14.2+ trillion of debt.
    And they own most of your treasuries. I wouldn't be surprised if the White House starts kissing China's ass pretty soon.
  19. Dude... what if China takes over and we end up in a communist regime?

  20. That wouldn't happen. The UN wouldn't allow it.
    If anything like that did happen, it would probably just be a small war or something.

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