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    when your younger, like single digit young. curiosity is at its peak. children run around and question the simples, such as how does it rain, how does the engine of a car work, how does radio work (are there invisible music notes floating around the sky constantly?)

    and yes some are easily answered by science. but the questions continue, how is energy stored in a battery/outlet, how can someone just up and create the number system (yes it seems so justified no, but imagine a time before number and then just one guys starting counting? seriously how could you make something from nothing), when i press the power button on my computer what happens eternally that causes it to turn on. but as a child your questions are never answered completely. maybe at the time you seem to understand when someone explains it and yes visual an tangible experience can help some answers but you never really fell satisfied that 'you know'. unless you live it, you turn into that water that evaporates and then rains down. then that is convincing evidence that this is a truth within perception of reality. but children eventually come to the conclusion that knowledge will come by age.

    but year by year, day by day, second by second. we are not closer to the absolute understanding of how things work. and you realize maybe this knowledge is unknowable. and it eventually boils down to two friends sitting in silence, both lost in their on thought. most likely coming to a similar revelation. but neither of the two are going to say there realization about how energy and matter are the same thing. because it has come to a point in our society that we should not be childish and question all aspects of life. the more common motto for adults in this society is "fuck it, it works, why care?" and you know what, a initial reaction is yes thats is a good point, in moderation and in the short term. but if i wake up and see the clock on my dresser, i sit and pounder how the electricity is consistently running through it and how there is a byproduct of light from the energy passing through the clock.

    to society this is wrong? no i shouldnt listen to there ignorant motto, "fuck it, it does its job, why care?". because if this attitude continues then eventually instead of pressing that power button to turn on my computer, ill be pressing the power button to make all my decisions for the day.

    no yes this sounds extreme now, but step by step. the role of technology in out society will not be "how does this machine work" rather "it makes all my decisions for the day, fuck it, it works, why stress over specifics". and with this mentality in our society we will soon become people just pressing buttons to do 'life' and letting these corrupt companies, who make and sell these products, have the control, and we will be losing our individual freedom of control of our lives, because people dont wonder "how it works" just "it does what its advertised to do, why care more". we are allowing these companies to buy our trust, to buy our control of our lives.

    this will leave the pubic week, dependent, easily manipulated, clueless and unprotected. all i have to say is thank god for the next generation because their childhood curiosity will feel so justified in their minds that theyll have the potential to challenge the authority and change the norm of society to something a step closer to equality.
  2. so i guess the question is will you be one of the computers?
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    in the sense you are willing to let the computes live your life for you. simply because, "i earned money, i bought it, it works, why mess with the situation to the the individual looks 'ideal'. no labor but the work gets done."

    but with that ideal lifestyle in mind we could potential buy technology that makes decisions for you, and thus you loss all independence and control.

    yet if you ask questions and understand the potential of the technology in your daily life. youd be more understanding to deny products that have a potential of stealing your control. (tivo picks your shows, i know it sounds stupid but shit can escalate).

    basically if we understand something, it is less of a threat. think about the light bulb. tom jefferson invented it. now its everywhere. i dont know how it works, just flip the switch i got light. but if we have that curiosity we could learn and become independent. rather than, "hey this guys made light, lets reek the benefits for as long as possible then panic when it all of a sudden breaks and we didnt understand it enough to fix it". no, we should understand all aspects of daily life, especially technology, to be prepared and in control. and to gain that knowledge you need curiosity.

    thus the importance of curiosity.:).
  4. so pretty much......Wall-E?
  5. My question to you is whether you know every last detail of how the computer and internet system you have just used works. If you don't know or plan to learn every last detail of the technology then you are saying "fuck it" to many questions and being a robot to the companies that made every little part.

    But if you live by your ideal then you must find out immediately. You must find out how the factory manufactured each part. Now you see why we must, at times, say "fuck it"

    Now I say why even go in that obsessive direction. Maybe I'm just a little stoned but I say fuck it all! We should live for the moment and trust our better judgment as each situation arises. Everything else is pointless worry.
  6. our life depends on human curiosity, thats the only way we learn things really

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