Implementing a forgotten item (fig. 11/12) from VaporGenie's patent and more...

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  1. Salutations,

    First things 1st, here's the manufacturer's metal version with their patent number:

    Readers who choose to replicate any of the following experiments should be made aware that "Plan-B" falls into the domain of VaporGenie's intellectual property. On another hand, although i suggested the company by writing that they should also include electro-magnetic Induction Heat in their patent (to support future "Bi-Energy" offers) i've never actually received nor found (or even searched) for information relative to "Plan-A" being added to it so far.

    Related discussions can be engaged in private using e-Mails, because these days i wish to spare my sense of serenity by staying away from all potential controversy which may result from Egzoset posting in public on forum boards (as observed since i created the avatar in 2010)...

    The experimental part has been condensed into only 2 pages.

    Egzoset's "Plan-B" Prototyping Platform:


    Then comes my next step ideas, finally.

    Egzoset's Plan-A Concept:

    This suggests a socially-acceptable consumption method, in "Plan-B" its initial pre-heat (butane-related intake) period has been reduced sixfold in comparison to sessions recorded 3 years ago, once my spheres were made compatible with blue "jet" flames... The packetization of heat charges should help to promote a healthier consumption profile via more appropriate dosage, etc., etc.

    Good day, have fun!!

    Just in time for Québec's next June 24th celebration day:


    Good day, have fun!! :D
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    Salutations everyone,

    It's been a long while since my last contribution; actually i've even started asking around that similar VG dedicated threads of mine should get marked as "SOLVED", as on most other boards... :excl:

    The initial difficulty, back to the spring of 2012 (...), was that i just couldn't operate my VG Classic without burning inside, so i gave it away within the week of purchase! Finally, 5 years later, i can feel proud to announce this ain't true anymore: it turns out the VG patent already suggested a hint of solution, though mine is multi-layered in a way that reflects quite significantly through its associated "ritual":

    (Half a "LavaCapsule")

    (Operating sequence)

    I think it's a direct consequence of exploiting the transitional "thermal bottle" behaviour created by this structure, which seems so appropriate for a toker application meant as an alternative to smoking, nonetheless.


    M'well, most certainly the regular (genuine) VG pipe owners will understand what i mean by this other illustration:

    (Micro-Bursting Sequence - 1 year ago)

    At 1st a mid-strong throttle Blue Flame is applied to the Hybrid Core (it's NOT the yellow-flame of a jetable BIC lighter anoymore - though still compatible). This method Pre-Charges the Thermal Bottle while a fraction of the heat still escapes into the cannabic bowl, e.g. shorter works better because the bowl stays cooler, though it's pre-heated too in the process.

    Please pay attention to the fact that initial inhalation force should be kept at its most minimal level allowable, right before flame extension results from the accumulation of hot gases, as this should please the "purists" even further... Once the fire has been removed much stronger inhalation takes places in order to displace the "Heat Charge" into the Cannabic Bowl, so that the Vaporization Process can begin. Trying harder pulses near the end of a toke since the core gets depleted of energy.

    Now here's how i view the overall transformation as a function of pulse-length vs self-moisturizing, the later having proved to be a necessity to some consumers like me:

    (Butane Consumption vs Application Ranges)

    In comparison the typical ready-made commercial products are little more than what i consider to be trivial "Dry-Baking Overnizers"... Not to mention the shorter heat pulses provide great time-compressed aroma/taste appreciation when performed correctly, while promoting "conservation".

    For example this was a preliminary "Micro-Bursting" experiment showing how little roasting could occur and yet that toke proved sufficient to cause intense/extreme effects which i'd rather avoid:

    (Customized VG Pipe vs Micro-Bursting)

    Now contemplate the much wider "Applications Range" achieved today!...

    (The "Pepper"-grade effect...)

    (Then the presumably Dab-like "Punch-in-the-Face" effect...)

    And since this is meant for relatively easy replication by the reader i present my last "recipe" about how to moddify VG's fine piece of work exactly:

    (Cut "Monobloc" @ 15.64 mm tall/deep.)

    This moddification proved necessary when switching to Blue Flames. Take note the Metal Disc has 17 holes (#53 dia. each, i believe) while it's thickness shouldn't measure above 1 mm, ortherwise too much energy would risk being stored despite bowl size hardly justifying it at all. Not to mention this is a "Plan-B" (analog) scenario lacking "Plan-A" (digital-like) "packetization" of power injection, from combining Induction Heat to future Curie-alloys (based on Specific Heat vs Mass, thermo/aero dynamics, whatever)...

    Please keep in mind these are 2-vaporizers-in-1, integrated using "Bi-Energy" design:

    (Final 4-20 All-Purpose "Basic" configuration of 2017)

    The reason it took me so long to get there is because that's the outcome of multiple generations of successive iterations, trying to decide what to try next...

    For example these were my last few attempts below.

    Successive Iterations:
                   Lava-Capsule      Half-Capsule       Single-Sphere      Out-of-range
                   Near-Symetrical   Lego-style kit     1-fits-them-all
    Slow "Fatty"   "3.33•0.94•2.5"   "3.38•1.0•2.53"    "3.37•0.95•2.45"
    Fast "Agile"   "3.33•0.88•2.5"   "3.34•0.94•2.34"   "3.34•1.0•2.37"
    It went fine as long as i could depend on my own personal skill limitations to work much like probes, hopefully feeding my radar... Briefly put this was quite a long-term project, obviously, and i'm genuinely satisfied that i've now reached a "blind-spot" announcing the limits of my target applications range, actually.


    No need for electrical contacts in IH mode (...), fixed Curie temperatures determine each "Thermal Bottle" capacity and hence simple analog-style mixing should conveniently suffice to provide adjustment bewteen these 2 fixed references (TC1/TC2):

    (Full-Blown IH-compatible Lava Concept)

    M'well, that's the idea anyway.


    So in conclusion the "Basic"/"Agile" cfg. corresponds to this:

    3.34 mm thick x 13.43 mm (dia.) SiC Front Puck
    1.00 mm thick x 12.46 mm (dia.) 17-Holes Metal Disc
    2.37 mm thick x 11.71 MESH-60 Brass-Wrapped Top-of-Bowl SiC Puck
    26.27 mm tall/deep Sphere (wood)
    10.22 mm tall/deep Flame-Catcher Funnel/Ring
    15.64 mm tall/deep Monobloc
    While in retrospective i'd recommend a Metal Disc thickness that may vary between 0.9 to 1 mm i guess (YMMV), which needs to be cut from a dust-collecting pipe "filter" accessory i came to refer to as the "UFO Element" (in fact it was found in a local Montréal commerce, just call 514-985-0123 if you feel lucky!)...

    As for the Top-of-Bowl SiC Puck that would be the absolute minimum already, any thinner than that would require a more efficient Top-of-Bowl Brass Screen and that would likely require changes inducing even more iterations, etc., etc...


    Good day, have fun!! :D
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  4. Brief Update:

    Aroma/taste is one trade-off i have to accept relatively to my moddified Bronze Sherlock VG pipe, considering for best cannabic appreciation i always found more suitable to rely on the "modded" Classic wood pipe, or one created using its "Classic"-look Aluminium version. It's a matter of different airflow paths, i believe.

    Sometimes when i miss the extra edge which both Classics have to offer, in comparison... M'well, it can be too tempting to perform another VG pipe transformation with all the parts & tools conveniently available, so i did it again as it's not too difficult to perform (after some training)...

    My custom-made 17-Holes Metal Disc is quite likely the most problematic item of all as it was cut out of a "UFO Element" exactly like this one below:

    ...which itself was found almost by pure luck as i've previously explained.

    Now here's the finished result:

    This is my 3rd attempt with the illustrated type of PVC/Wood (or PVC/Metal) Mating Junction where a flexible Extention Tube is shaped near both ends in order to help keep things in place. Actually i wish i could have the same Mating Junction system on the MouthPiece side as well, perphaps even with a pair of tiny optic-probe holes where to insert light-guiding fibers, for real-time bio-feedback, eventually... ... Who knows! Then why not 2 set of differential sensors to extract airflow speed/pressure data and whatnot, etc.

    Day-dreaming, always. :rolleyes:

    Good day, have fun!! :D
  5. More Up-Date:

    The need to find a UFO Element and then to cut a Metal Disc in it is obviously involving. Good news, i recently realized there may be ready-mady replacement solutions, for example:


    This is DynaVap's "Circumferential Compression Diffuser" Screen - or simply CCD Screen for short. Pay special attention to it's radial layout as this could suggest a simple way to distribute excess heat more evenly before it's "defocussed" further in the bowl via a 90° change of direction, from axial to peripheral.

    That metal part's dimmensions and mass maybe close enough to perform Induction Heat experiments with it, though if 1 "thermal bottle" "heat charge" capacity ain't sufficient then lets make sure it is by juxtaposing 2 Hybrid Cores instead (with the benefit of improved thermalization as i just mentioned)!

    So please welcome the DynaVapsule!!



    Now imagine a future where the traditional "lit joint" scent would be emulated using an auxiliary e-Liquid boiler/evaporator piggy-backed on the Pre-Heating (TC0) Curie alloy, etc., etc. Possibly to get the ritual and even the associated aroma/taste of smoked cigarettes without the smoke's toxic nuisance! Etc.


    Add a magnetic bias field or permanent magnet to turn the susceptor into a primitive dynamic transducer capable of providing a tap-command + audio/haptic/kinesthetic user-feedback interface (e.g. no display/no screen)! An ultrasonic-shaker ensuring there's no cake forming in the bowl between tokes, an IH signature manager to load custom profile preferences, my Hybrid Core concept for radical "baking" reduction, etc. etc...

    Have some nice day-dreaming everyone! :D
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  6. Configuration "finale" de la St-Jean:

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    This is an update after i got simultaneous access to Vector's new Dual-Flame 45° torch and an older sphere with some previous "power" layout, confirming the shorter a heat pulse the better my aroma/taste appreciation will get (up to a given limit):

    Egzoset's modded VG pipe - Bursting mode (2017-Sep-23) [800x600] .PNG
    Take note this one has an application range crossing the "medicinal" vs "recreational" boundary!...


    Good day, have fun!! :D
  8. UPDATE:

    Halloween 2017 Hybrid Core configurations


    , Power Multi-Purpose (dual-flame prefered)
    Cfg.: " 2.97 • 1.01 • 2.67 ", (12-16), 27.5

    SiC Front Puck: 2.97 mm Thick
    17-Holes (#53) Metal Disc: 1.01 mm Thick, precision fit
    Top-of-Bowl SiC Puck: 2.67 mm Thick, wrapped in Brass Screen
    Flame-Catcher: 12 mm Tall/Deep
    Monobloc: 16 mm Tall/Deep
    Sphere: 27.5 mm Tall/Deep (wood only)
    Observation: Offers somewhat more intuitive/forgiving ritual, best "conservation"-wise trade-off.​

    Deluxe, Power "Micro-Bursting" Trainer/Sampler
    Cfg.: " 3.09 • 0.98 • 2.41 ", (10-15.64), 27.3

    SiC Front Puck: 3.09 mm Thick
    17-Holes (#53) Metal Disc: 0.98 mm Thick, precision fit
    Top-of-Bowl SiC Puck: 2.41 mm Thick, wrapped in Brass Screen
    Flame-Catcher: 10 mm Tall/Deep
    Monobloc: 15.64 mm Tall/Deep
    Sphere: 27.3 mm Tall/Deep (wood only)
    Observation(s): Trading "conservation" for improved Aroma/Taste, still requires sufficient skills to avoid roasting.​

    N. B.: 17 Holes diameter equivalent to Drill Bit #53 (#1-64 UNC, #1-72 UNF) = 1.5113 mm (dia.) or 0.0595 in (dia.)...

    Good day, have fun!! :D
  9. Salutations,

    It's been a while since i passed by, so lots of events occured. For example external image hosting failed in that last post (".org" needs to be changed to ".cc"):

    Anyway here's what i got to present today:








    Of course there's an immense void to fill but it's not like Google Images ain't kept any traces, not to mention this DiY Challenge is also Work-still-in-Progress on occasions!...


    Honestly, who can afford not to independently duplicate such modding experiments?! Please feel free to share Peer Reviews once you hold it in your hands.

    Good day, have fun!! :D

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