Impeach the members of the "SUPER COMMITTEE" petition

Discussion in 'Politics' started by .HiGhGuY., Nov 23, 2011.

  1. Hey, I made a Petition on that "We the people" web site to impeach the members of congress who are in the "super committee" because they are all a bunch of fucking douche bags that can't even do their jobs and we will be the ones who end up paying the price, so We need to send these a-holes a message. Please sign. :smoke:

    Sign ME, to tell these idiots to GTFO
  2. I think they would need to be recalled individually by their constituents.
  3. I once wrote Patty Murray a letter about how gay marriage should be legal when I was 13.... that was 9 years ago... now I have to think about impeaching her because she can't even do her job?

    *sigh* There goes any shred of political innocence I still had.... Eh, who am I kidding? That was gone long ago.
  4. Eventually its gonna turn into a real ugly thing if these people in Washington don't pull their heads out if their asses. The American revolution started out as a peaceful protest and look how it ended up. It's only a matter of time before shit gets real.
  5. Incompetence, unfortunately is not an impeachable offense.....Impeachment is used when a leader is found to have committed a crime.(It's a crime that we are even paying these oxygen thieves)
    To get rid of conressional leaders who are not doing their job is by voting them out or a state recall
  6. Why just the 6 of them? How about all 535 ish?
  7. To HighMtnSkier, Llamamontana, and any and everyone else I know we can not literally impeach them, it's more about making a statement. In the petition I also go into that. other members of congress would have to impeach them, and I also say this in the petition, I think it's a problem that they only have to answer to their "brothers" on congress hill, the government is suppose to serve US, not themselves, so they should answer to us.

    haha. But that is totally different. Gay marriage is not an issue that puts our country at risk of anything except unhappy gay people, Not accomplishing what the super committee was suppose to, by the deadline they were supposed to do it, IS putting our country at risk. It's also just another reminder of overall, how the government is broken.

    Because we gotta start somewhere, and like I said above, this is something that will affect our country and is happening right now. I also agree about the other 535 though.... and their next :devious:
  8. Yeah, but why bother. The White House hasn't taken any of them seriously thus far, why would they start to take them seriously now?
  9. "We the people" is a joke. The responses they get are a single, giant, full force of the government, "GO FUCK YOURSELF"

    It's sad. It really is.

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