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  1. hey guys i have a question about nutes, ok my nutes say to mix one teaspoon per gallon, so that means im taking the half teaspoon of powder and putting it in the gallon jug of water now what im confused about is that little amount of powder the right amount cuz it seems theres barely any nutes in the water, and i dont water my plant with the whole gallon , sorry if this is confusing but i really need to know
  2. can anybody help me out
  3. You wanna ease the plants into it, too much will shock them, seen it happen very bad before. All that was left were four stems.. In other words, there isn't supposed to be alot at first, if they respond well, you can try a little more if you like, but watch closely to make sure you don't over do it. If you over-do it, flushing can become important depending on by how much.

    On the gallon thing... really wouldn't suggest watering one plant with a full gallon of water..
  4. yeah but im giving it the right amount of nutes even though im not giving my plant a gallon of water right
  5. 'Right amount' being used loosely, I would say yes as long as it's mixed well. Also comes to mind that pot size can have alot to do with water amount. You want the soil to be damp but not wet and if possible have it so not much drains from the pot. Remember, too little is unlikely to hurt it if it's been fine up until now, but too much is another story. Remember to KISS (keep it simple stupid)

    Btw, not calling you dumb :) It's the acronym
  6. ok thanks man

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