Immortality for the price of a brand new Mercedes Benz

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    Life is great.
    Or more precisely, being alive feels awesome. 

    We can all agree with that, even if we have some negative ( but totally normal ) experiences from time to time. 
    Our family and friends, the memories in our life and living in this fine planet with all It has to offer to Man seems such a wonderful experience.
    So much so, that imagining that it can be over once and for all when we die is a terrible and frightening thought.
    So one day, I began researching about life extension therapies and got in contact with a Cryonics corporation. They were very polite and accesible. They also showed me the fees it would cost to be cryopreserved and hopefully, when biotechnology catches up, resurrected.  
    They had two offers, one standard and a premium option:
    a. Whole body cryopreservation for $200,000, plus an annual fee of $700 approx.
    b. Neurocryopreservation (brain only) at $ 80,000, plus an annual fee of $ 300 approx.
    So, for the price of a brand new Mercedes SL-Class you could try your shot at immortality (or at least a really long life).
    Pictured: Immortality.
    Even if we are not certain that Science could reanimate the dead, its got a higher chance of happening, as compared to when a person is buried or burned to ashes. 
    And this is not even an irrational fear of death, it is a much stronger rational instinct to keep living. :metal:
    So denizens of GC, what would you choose?  :bongin:

  2. On a personal level the idea of living forever isn't attractive, but on a sociological level it's even worse I'd think. There's an old quote by Max Plank (plank length and others of the sort) which says "Science advances one funeral at a time".
    From politicians to science to whatever else we're all shaped by the ideas and expectations we had as kids or youths. Those preconceptions can get in the way and as long as people with old ideas hang on the next generation can't take the next step. I not only don't have any urge to live forever but I really think it would be bad for society as a whole. We live, we do our things, then we get out of the way so the next generation can have the room to do the same.
  3. I'd take a c class over immortality, you can bet if they do come up with a clever method to preserve your brain and organs they won't be able to save your taste buds, nerves or the endo cannaboid system, life without feeling isn't life!
  4. I've been interested in this ever since I bumped into Longecity. There is Cryo insurance (I guess that's what this is though).
    Living longer would be nice, but not if I was old and feeble. If I was going to be living a long time, I would want to be healthy and physically capable during as much of it as possible.
  5. It'd be amazing to be immortal. You could see what we turn into in a few millennia. You could possibly see the end of the universe. I think seeing allowed he events of time here would be beautiful.

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  6. Thats exactly what im talking about. Life is such an amazing spectacle, I wouldn´t want it to end so soon, at least a few thousand years. 
  7. Earth is terrible overpopulated.

    I'd prefer a short life.

    If earth had about 100 million people and stabalized, THEN I'd want like a 1000 year life span.

    Til then....
  8. We are nowhere near peak population, we have so much more landmass all over the world to live on. ^ just wanted to point that out cause so many think overpopulation is a reality in our lifetime.

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  10. Provided we figure out light speed or faster than light speed travel, hell yeah.. but if I can't travel the universe, I don't think I'd want to be immortal in the sense that I can't "check out" when I finally get bored.
  11. Wait, how would that annual fee work when you're frozen?
    It's for rich people only.
  13. So mainstream.
    The Earth is huge, literally, and the amount of stuff to do here is endless. The people we could get to meet, know, love, etc and the places we could travel to are infinite. Plus our societies are constantly upgrading themselves so we could always look forward to new technologies and knowledges. 
    You pay beforehand or you can pay annually. The payments stop once you are dead. Also, the corporation creates a financial ´´reanimation´´ fund to take care of your expenses when they are ready to bring you back alive, probably in 100 years. 
    Not really. This is a huge myth. Most insurance companies will cover up expenses for cryonics if you are interested. 
  14. A corporation with some lab coats, some slick marketing to gullible people a couple bottles of liquid nitrogen and an industrial freezer.....sheesh.....forget it...that money would better serve your decendents than some shyster running a scam....
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    What do you mean by cover up?
    I did a quick search on Google, and it seems the minimum amount you can pay is $38,000. But that only includes cryogenic preservation. That means transportation, "standby", potential funeral costs, are your responsibility. The recommended amount is at least $50k, and you get everything once you hit $100-120k.
    That's a lot of money. Even paid over 20 years, that's still a lot of money. Especially if you're saving up for yourself, and not paying for a different person - which would be a wholly different entire emotional and financial stress altogether.
    The links I found this information from:
  16. ... Wait, I am drunk and it's been a couple days. Are you saying you don't have to be rich to drive a Mercedes SL-class? How can you post a thread with the price of immortality being a Mercedes, then go on to say cryopreservation isn't expensive?
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    Intriguing thought! Is it worth a few tens of thousands of dollars for a shot at being later resurrected and "repaired"? Rationally speaking, it would seem so. What's there to lose beyond the money???
    However, round two of life would give way to death yet again from other system failures, which would then require refreezing again (and again, and again, etc) until humans finally destroy themselves or extended widespread power failures or insulation breakdown issues finalizes their plans for immortality.
    Bionic and artificially produced organs will surely become more and more widespread and user friendly but as long as we have have chemical reactions forming the basis of life, coupled with the second law of thermodynamics, we're almost certainly fighting a battle that we will eventually lose.
    Still, the alternative - burial, cremation, etc - is the continual disintegration and dispersion of the diseased physical body. So if it can be afforded, like I said before, what does anyone have to lose? There are people that spend as much on their idiotic casket and that horrible (for everyone else) funeral. And nobody's taking those tens of thousands with them, though they may be depriving their immediate inheritors some portion of needed resources.
  18. couldn't say it any better. Get a Toyota. It will last you forever and won't rape you in gas prices. Immortality would be amazing. My life is just now getting awesome.
  19. Give them money and maybe,MAYBE, one day they'll be able to bring you back from the dead. Seems like a scam right? You're paying someone to freeze you and that's it. Now what if the 700 dollars a year fee doesn't get paid I.e. Out of money, you're bank fucks up, idk anything can happen. Are they going to unfreeze you And ask you correct it or they going to throw you in the dumpster?
  20. If there were only 100million of us (and didnt increase more) and lived 1000 years, life would be unimaginably different (obviously, but im talking human lifestyles, thered probably be no corporations, etc)

    Youre right, but thats at the expense/extinction of other species as we push them out and move into those landmasses

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