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  1. I stumbled onto an interesting topic the other day, and then came across this site

    Basically some rich Russian guy is trying to organize the world together to achieve immortality by 2030, and perfect it by 2045. So far what I've seen of it it looks like its not a scam, and apparently experts say that the timeline the project has is feasible.

    2015-2020 Creation of Avatar A, a robot android that can be controlled via brain computer interface (being able to control another robotic body remotely via pure thought) This is possible as different parts of this technology are emerging already (You can do some of your own research, I can't do everything for you.)

    2020-2025 Creation of Avatar B, a robot android that one can transplant their brains into at the end of their physical bodies lifespan (aka if your heart or lungs fail and etc.) The life-support system for the brain would keep us alive for a few hundred years longer, but would not indefinitely keep us going as the brain ages as well, albeit slower than the rest of the body.

    2025-2030 Creation of Avatar C, a robot android that one can transfer their conciousness and personality into a cybernetic substrate. (This part may be more difficult than at first glance, seeing that not only would we have to create a perfect copy of the human brain, and reverse engineer its workings, but also somehow find a way to transfer the conciousness into the cybernetic substrate. You can't use traditional data transference methods (like how copy and pasting works in a computer) because that would just kill the original you, and make a copy of you that is exactly identical and thinks its you. I believe its possible, but may take longer.

    Whats everyones thoughts on this matter? Do you believe it will be possible within the time periods posted on the site?
    Additional links of interest
    [ame=]2045: A New Era for Humanity - YouTube[/ame]
    A promotional video they have made underlying their base concepts.

    GF2045 This one is the site where the experts talk and explain about the sciences involved.
  2. Perhaps more importantly... WHY would anyone want to stick around here for more than a natural lifetime? I think by the time I'm 80-85 I'll be ready to rot in a coffin :D.
  3. I want to live forever. It's not like theres anything better to do
  4. I think I would want to stay around for a while longer past the normal life span of a human. I live not only to see the mysteries of the universe, but also to see what we imagine into art (aka litarature, movies, video games, whatever forms of entertainment we create in the future etc.) That would keep me going and wanting to live for a long time.
  5. crazy shit. I cant believe this, regardless if it works or not just someone having the incentive to do this is outstanding
  6. And you think that any normal person would be able to afford this?
  7. one of the main goals of the 2045 initiative is not only to research this technology, but to find ways to mass produce it to make it affordable. By 2015, they want the first prototypes of the avatars A, buy 2017, they want to be able to mass produce them like vehicles. They probably would come in a variety of prices depending on quality similar to vehicles. Some avatars will be faster, or stronger, or have more utilities, better sensory input, who knows what else. I do agree, I find it hard to believe it would be affordable any time soon but still.
  8. Holy fuck I'm going to start saving now, now that's a push on what humans can do, what would I search to read more on this?
  9. 2045 initiative. Also 2045 Initiative is their main site, they keep a steady news feed on recent technological breakthroughs on all scientific fields. Also for more video's (though half of them seem to be russian) go to GF2045
  10. [quote name='"Paradox Master"']

    2045 initiative. Also 2045 Initiative is their main site, they keep a steady news feed on recent technological breakthroughs on all scientific fields. Also for more video's (though half of them seem to be russian) go to GF2045[/quote]

    Ok awesome! If this becomes literal by 2045 it would be epic.
  11. How about the Methuselah Foundation?
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    Honestly I think by 2045 its a bit optimistic to think they will reach everything they wanted to achieve by that point, but I do believe we will have at least be able to upload our conciousness (and I do mean our litteral consciousness, not just a copy of it) onto a cybernetic (possibly bio mechanical as well?) substrate that could hold our consciousness indefinetly, or at least with proper maintenance and the occasional upgrade.

    What's that?
  13. Very interesting, hopefully if they mass produce it won't be too expensive.
  14. I'm gonna have to get my cat one of these.
  15. Ah yes, that's quite interesting actually. Both fields have potential study. (Next time I'll try to remember to google it, just I had to many damn tabs already open.)

    Exactly. I'm saving up, just in-case (well I believe one should have a large savings of money for emergencies or awesome stuff like this. It's hard when your just starting out though as I'm just 20.)
  16. I'd rather just reincarnate
  17. What if we get hacked?
  18. Or if we get too close to a magnet
  19. You won't have to worry about that because the rich and powerful will probably be the only people allowed to access this technology.

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