Immortal Technique

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  1. Do you like Immortal Technique? I think this dude is the shit his lyrics can get deep
  2. haha i love immortal technique
    [ame=""]YouTube - Immortal Technique-Obnoxious[/ame]
  3. Positive Balance is my Fav. song.
  4. Who the fuck voted no, are they retarded or joking? It can only be 1 of those 2 options seeing as he is one of the best rappers out right now!
  5. seen immortal like 3 times, all for free, got to chill and talk to him for a bit when i saw him at the cop shop in smithtown
  6. Industrial Revolution, Positive Balance, Dominant Species, Caught in a hustle, Harlem Streets... It's all golden.
  7. Fuckin amazing. I'm a new rap listener and glad I found this guy early, damn some of the best lyrics out there.
  8. Listening to the prophecy at the moment.

  9. hes 1 record deal from becoming a huge sellout
  10. Tough position he's in... So much financial potential and the people buying his records are too complacent to actually change what he's talking about.

    He's doing his part...
  11. dance with the devil is the creepiest song ever man, i started listening to him a year or so back maybe 2..but havent listened to a lot of music as of late :( i really wish i had MY computer
  12. Really? You need to research the topics he's rhyming about. Pretty much an endless sea of corruption and bullshit this world needs to change. Obama is the status quo if you haven't figured that out yet.

    Damn, man. His lack of material? He's one of the only people saying something worth listening to.
  13. Great message and great music.
  14. its true. hes tries hard as hell to keep independent and away from selling out. i feel bad for him having to listen to his songs being blasted from teenagers mommy and daddy benzens in between carter 3 jams
  15. Peruvian Cocaine is such a sick song.
  16. Yea Peruvian Cocaine is a good one the ending with the skit from new jack city was nice. Creation and destruction is one of my favorites.

    [ame=""]YouTube - Immortal Technique - Creation & Destruction[/ame]
  17. Immortal is fucking tight. but i hate how all his "freestylers" aren't real. i knew they weren't when i first heard them, they are too good. like "bangers freestyle" and "cmfam freestyle" and "april freestyle" are not freestyles. you can take any of those and compare them to "in da club freestyle" by immortal.

    and yeah immortal is really close to selling out but i don't blame him.

  18. It's not just because it's the status quo, he's not just some rebel. Obama is a neo-conservative, he's not even very liberal, and he's a painfully obvious capitalist, who defends capitalism's interests. Really, there is nothing great about any of his policies, he's continuing the wars, and he's endlessly handing money to some of the most wealthy and racist CEOs and bankers.

    Immortal Technique has a lot to say about Obama.
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    Take it easy, my tongue was planted firmly in my cheek with the Bush comment.

    I grow weary of his political content (and his angry, angry approach towards it), especially as a large portion of it is hypothetical. And to be blunt, I just don't think he's that nice an emcee and you can't argue that dude's production/beat selection is highly suspect. At the end of the day it's about the music and there are far more creative, engaging artists who tackle the political angle a whole lot better than he does.
  20. hes playing at college park tnogiht its gonna be sick!

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