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  1. \tImmortal Technique Speaks About Chris Dorner...

    Immortal technique and Alex talks about how the police state is in the country

  2. I like what he has to say about some things. But is this video just like all his others where it comes down to coloured pride and filled with anti-white people nonsense?
    I agree he always ends up saying how white people are the problem and his black and latino people need help/struggling.
    I LOVE immortal but he gets annoying repeating the same shit over and over. Im sure at least 20% of the forbes 500 richest are not white, why doesnt he say shit about them I would love to hear what china and korean leaders are hiding.
  4. because he just regurgitates the same conspiracy theory shit that the crazies spout off, i mean fuck hes interviewing with Alex Jones of all people...that strips it of any credibility right off the bat...
    I didn't hear anything about racial issues in this, did you? I heard him talking about our corrupt government.
    Alex jones said maybe 10 words this entire interview. I don't see how that removes his credibility as a person with an opinion. The fact you think he's talking about conspiracy theories is another point that makes you sound dumb. What he said was true, they did murder Chris Dorner, they burned him alive on purpose. They didn't want him to stand trial. Do you know how much media attention would have been drawn to that case?
  7. Amen.
    I believe some shit he says and others go too far that I cant believe them
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    him even going to infowars strips him of credibility, Alex Jones is a nut and IT is just as crazy and makes you seem dumb for listening to it

    and Chris Dorner killed cops and police families, did you really think the cops weren't gonna kill him first chance they got? i did and thats exactly what happened
    In one song he says most of the marines are black and latino...
    ...look it up it is only like 23% of the marines.
    I dont like how he sometimes makes up facts to fit his beliefs. 
    But his music is pretty killer, he spits hard
  10. exactly, but i actually don't like his delivery....he sounds the exact same on everything he does
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    He didn't kill any of the police's family, where do you get your facts?
    Open up your eyes to the circumstances around the situation and read up on why he did it. You have no idea what you're talking about and every post you make is making it more and more obvious.
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    Christopher Jordan Dorner was a former LAPD police officer and United States Navy Reserve officer who was charged in connection with a series of shooting attacks on police officers and their families from February 3–12, 2013.
    "On 3 February 2013, Monica Quan, 28, and her fiance Keith Lawrence, 27, were found shot to death in an Irvine parking garage. Monica Quan was the daughter of former LAPD Capt."
    and what bullshit were you just spouting?
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    Los Angeles (CNN) -- In the final two hours of a dramatic standoff with rogue ex-Los Angeles police officer Christopher Dorner, San Bernardino County sheriff's deputies did not fire a single gunshot during their raid of a compound where he barricaded himself after killing one deputy and seriously wounding another, according to dispatch logs.
    He went around killing because he didnt get his justice I think, not completely sure.
    On a side note...
    At 4:20 p.m. PT, police dispatch logs reported the sound of a single gunshot from inside the residence. Authorities later said that shot sounded different from the many others than had come from inside the house.
    He definately had a synchronized joint before he died.
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    I did not hear any racial conversation made by Immortal Technique. You just want to hear racial words. Alex jones has a lot of informational videos and not so informational videos. Filter out the BullShit. What have most of the Alex jones bashers done to expose the elite and there plan for total domination ? I dont care for Alex much but dissing the guy when in fact he has brought a lot to the table is poor.
    Maybe in fact Dorner have something going. Maybe not, that does not give the right to savagely kill another human being. What ever happened to 2 wrongs dont make a right. " eye for an eye makes the world blind"
    \tImmortal Technique speaks about rape at Rock The Bells

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