Immortal Technique on Bin Laden, America, and more.

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  1. Found this on XXL it's long, but worth the read. I debated for a few minutes on where to post this, first it was going to be Music Hall, but it has nothing to do with music. Then politics, but I decided the box is where it should end up.

    It's not some pro-terrorism/fuck America article. Just an interesting read.

  2. Immortal Tech. Is a genius!
    Those last two paragraphs sent chills down my spine.
  3. "Bin Laden didn't blow up the projects, tell the truth ######, it was you #####"
    IT is the man...definitely one of the best out there, far more intellectual than most.
  4. I want to know were tech gets all these glanced over "facts"

    Hopefully he doesn't end up dead if this is true thou
  5. Immortal Tech is awesome. I read this through twice,

    and "But don’t worry, you’re not alone, there are many men like you left in the world, and some of them even used to be your friends. After all, this is America, and we only kill our friends."

    that really sticks.
  6. Yes, I really liked that too. Because it's true :rolleyes:

    Glad you guys enjoy the read, didn't think anybody would seriously read this.
  7. Meh...He makes some good points but overall he's nothing but a Muslim extremist (incites terrorism via violent lyrics) socialist propaganda peddler.
  8. :laughing:

    Hope you're kidding.
  9. he did it again...

    he blew my mind open to the truth as a kid

    and he just did it again

  10. Yep I bump Immortal Technique all day. That man raps what I feel. When I first found his albums I was blown away by how on the same page we are in regards to the issues.
  11. have not finished reading this yet, but bump for immortal technique, this shit gets deep. Interesting read!
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    He bitches and moans like a mid-20 year old child that's just bitter because he's not talented and/or street smart enough to make it with the big dogs. So he bitches song after song about a country that he immigrated to. Why would he immigrate here AND THEN complain in every song about our government? Because he's an opportunist. He doesn't believe half of the shit that he says but he knows that he's at least more intelligent than that average thug/mc on the streets so he has a little gathering of sheep. Think for yourself rather than getting your political facts (that's all he is, a propaganda spreader through a poor excuse for music) from some drug addicted, washed up never-has-been.

    I didn't even read what he said in that text. I didn't have to because most of what he's said in the past has been either half-truths, a twist of the truth, outright lies, or claims that he has no proof of.
  13. "I'm not saying I'm gonna change the world, but I guarantee that I will spark the brain that will change the world."


    I believe that brain is Immortal Technique

  14. You're a very elaborate troll. So I will give you props for that ;)

  15. No offense but sit on it? How do you know where I get my information? Ive know what ive known since before I ever picked up an Immortal technique album. Why dont you keep your brash assumptions out of your posts from now on maybe? I like Immortal Technique, you dont. You stated that a couple posts ago, so what the fuck are you still doing here?
  16. You say I'm a troll, I say you're an ignorant sheep, BAHH BAHH. It's all difference in opinion man.;)

  17. Pot meet kettle.

  18. Point taken. :smoke:

    Enjoy. Peace.:)
  19. I didnt know tech was a drug addict? :S since when??

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