Imminent Televised Event: Mass Arrests of 10,000 Global Cabal Members - 2012

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by FluffyBud, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. Watch this video with an open-mind. I will tell you right now i believe this is the truth. I believe this is the reason for these inevitable FEMA camps. The video just scratches the surface of this huge event.

    More importantly than watching the video, check out the links under it, that's where it gets really interesting.
  2. so when these people are gone, what happens? how do we replace these people who are in charge?
  3. Occupy Wallstreet, duh!
    Because banks are bad, and stuff.:rolleyes:
  4. this is a good thing global cabals are up to no good
  5. Meh, Ill buy it when I see it.

    Whos to say those people aren't just as nuts too, I have read some looney shit about that balding blond guy from ancient aliens.
  6. I don't trust things like this because its hard to differentiate between legit stuff and tinfoil hat wearing looney tunes stuff..

    I'll believe it when I see it.

    Plus I see a lot of their clips are from RT which is just russian propaganda I don't see how people consider that anymore reliable than our MSM.
  7. I just hope it's true, and not a step closer to the "nwo"
  8. isnt this all being instigatated by the white dragon society who are an organisation that is directly challenging the nwo/illuminati?
  9. [quote name='"bruce786"']isnt this all being instigatated by the white dragon society who are an organisation that is directly challenging the nwo/illuminati?[/quote]

    Something like that... I'm relatively new to this subject.

    I think you may be correct though.
  10. well ive been following the wds for about a year and these guys are not fucking about. they are stripping the hidden veil off the faces of these control freaks.

    from what ive read is the rockerfeller family offered the wds about 37trillion to "just go away".

    theyve assassinated one of the rothschild family members and are so powerful in china at the moment that china may adopt the yen as their main currency- brought a
    bout because they are getting rid of us treasury bonds as if there cancerous.

    this year shall indeed be interesting
  11. To me it seems like a temporary solution, you'll get 10000 new guys who given the chance will do the exact same thing.
  12. i kind of look at it like The guys we have now no doubt want to fuck us up the ass with no regards and we can speculate what the next guys will do with out actually knowing what they will do.
  13. Well i don't think that after they did arrest these people they would just let other people do the same thing... They would probably be closely monitored.

    I don't know what to think anymore, everyday there is a new sketchy executive order. Then i turn to another page that gives credible evidence to shit turning around saying Obama is only doing these things to actually do good to our country. Like the executive order allowing govt. control over all U.S. resources, some are saying that's to arrest the criminal cabal and this martial law implementation is to ensure they don't escape. The world is just such a clusterfuck right now :confused_2:
  14. "Once these murderer's are out of power, you will find so many great thing's worth living for in your life"

    Aient that the mother fucking truth
  15. finally can focus on bettering ourselves as apposed to the mortgage, bills and the very next meal :-\
  16. Yea thats basically the message i got. and it's quite true.
  17. Was this made a decade ago??

    Anyways, it seems to be made by them.

  18. who is 'them'?
  19. maybe he thinks by the cabal?
  20. Who knows what to think anymore :confused_2:

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