IMF; Raping the World One Hotel Maid at a Time

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Buddy Dink, May 15, 2011.

  1. bankers...always trying to screw people and get away with it...:p

  2. lolololololol.......

    yeah, they do though
  3. Head of IMF Arrested for Alleged Sexual Assault -

    I think they do that all on their own...

    *, the state of being held in low esteem by the public
  4. wow so rapists cant be good bankers???

    i didnt realize a weed forum can be so prejudiced :smoke:
  5. AHAHAH I LOL'd when i read it yesterday. That idiot was gona run for presidency in France.

    Wtf is it with french people being so fucking horny.

  6. the wines and cheeses.

    and when french women say no they really mean yes. that's why i dont blame this guy.
  7. It suggests that morality or sense of civic duty isn't a job requirement for Chief of the IMF.

    Or maybe he went against the grain and this whole story is bogus. :devious:
  8. My conspiracy ridden mind actually thought this at first, as well. Apparently this is not the first act of sexual misconduct that he has performed, though, so I doubt it is too far from the truth.

  9. Every good lie has a kernel of truth... ;)
  10. They got him when he was in a first-class seat on a plane scheduled to depart in 10 minutes.

    He's not even getting bail. Since he's facing charges that could get him twenty five years, he'd probably skip, and France might not send him back to this barbaric country.

    IMF chief held without bail in sex assault case - CBS News
  11. OK, we got bin laden, now a very powerful Frenchman is in Rikers Island.

    Who wants to be next to find out what happens when you fuck with people from New York City?
  12. I read about this the other day and I said to myself..."OMG what the hell was this guy thinking?"
    He was in NYC and he couldn't find a hooker to "pretend rape" her? The guy obviously has a shitload of money and I'm sure there are hundreds of hookers willing to do what is needed to seperate him from his money.
    What a dumb ass.
    I hope they throw his ass in jail for a long time.

  13. wow you're a dumb ass for thinking pretend rape can ever compare to real rape
  14. This post actually made me laugh out loud...
  15. Geithner: Strauss-Kahn not in position to run IMF - Yahoo! Finance


    Strauss-Kahn is probably thinking that Geithner is in no position to run the Treasury...

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