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  1. imagine if we all banned together one day and instead of having 100's of solo growing instances spanning accross the country we all had one unstopable farm of unimaginable proportions, i live on a farm in nj., (150 acres to be exact) and sometimes i have dreams of every one i tlk w/ on grass city coming together and having grass citycease being something we can only post pictures/forums and threads but to be a phisical object we can all touch feel and smoke.....imagine us all wearing grass city t-shirts and hats puttsing around with wheel barrows and shovels and what not, imagine all of us sitting down for bong sessions with our homegrown shit, and when we get tired of the 'bud we can just hop on one of the golf carts we use to travel over our vast expanse of amazingness and hop on over to the bubble hash section and puff on some of that shit it could be heaven on earth sadly.....without a seemingly unimaginable # of people banning together my dreams always end the same way... with the DEA dropping in from helicopters with flame throwers and destroying grass city nj. with no remorse for the hard work we've dedicated our lives too...:cry:

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