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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Brandon138, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. After this new weather comes around how much new weed were gonna have comin in :D:hello:
  2. lolwut?
  3. He is BLAZED
  4. Possibly :confused_2:
  5. Southern Hemisphere? Getting closer and closer to Autumn down under...and with it harvest.
  6. Once again OSG outsmarts us all, or he means that with the summer approaching, everyone is getting ready to plant
  7. Summer is over half over'll be Fall down under come March 21.
  8. I know that, i did take 2nd grade geography, i meant that if he lives in the northern hemisphere then he is getting excited to plant
  9. Ahhhh, got ya.

  10. norther hemisphere, getting ready to plant, and since all we have is ditchweed, (well there is some good stuff but its expensive) the supply is gonna get a LOT better in a few months
  11. Up where i live, i have trouble finding mids when i want them. I truly cant find anything with seeds, its beginning to piss me off because i need something to plant:mad:

  12. haha i can't find anything WITHOUT seeds. and they're not even usable, they're all crushed cuz its shitty brickweed that i can't even smoke
  13. That sucks, i've only seen true schwag around here a couple times in 5ish years

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